The Need for the Honesty Among the People

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All people know that people lied. I think lying is not OK. If you start lying you will never stop, but still some people are a liar. They always loose their trust able. Just by telling what you felt or what you have done is not scary. Is telling people what you tell what you think is a problem? Since all people are lying they could stop easily by getting advice. All people can live fairly without lying. First, as we know be honest is the best.

All people in the world going to trust, and they will not even doubt you with anything. It will not be any crime, if you are being honest, you will be a reliable person. For example in the court if the judge asks you something and if you did not tell the truth, after they find out that is not truth they will put you in jail. You see the entire judge want you to tell them the truth, so that they can find out about your history.

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In addition it will not going damage your relationship or friend ship if you lie. A lots of people damage their relationship, because of lying, if they stop lying they will get all kind of thing, for example you will be kind.

I have experience with this, for example my best friend was lying for me that he is rich, but he is not, at last | found out, because he learns in government school, and when he sees me he always embraced, and i totally stop being friend with him.

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Unfortunately some people believe that lying make people feel better than instead of telling the truth. One guy said,” that lying make people feel better, and you can get a lot of thing with lying”. If you start lying you will never stop lying, and telling people what you fell is not rude thing. Deceiving people is illegal, and we should stop lying! Truly we can see that being honest is the best way. If you stop lying, and then you will be the honest person and you will not be doubt with other people. All crime going to stop, if we stop lying. If you start lying you will keep lying, so we better tell the truth.

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