The Need for Facilitators to Re-Evaluate the Teaching Methods and Practices of Teachers

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Facilitators and educators follow a state regimen to educate students on what they believe is the correct way for writing and reading. Teaching students based on expectations to pass state assessments with five paragraph essays and non rhetorical reading. However are these standards really up to par with expectation in a college setting. Are teachers really preparing today’s youth with the correct knowledge on reading and writing. As a student I have has a lot of hardships with this matter, language barrier being the main factor.

I do believe that teachers are commended on a job well done when their students meet or exceed state standards, but now that is a huge problem because they are failing to correctly prepare students for higher education. As I have studied different scenarios of this, I have come to believe that facilitators should reevaluate the teaching practices and methods of teachers and help them help students. Many students that want to pursue higher education aren’t at a college level writing.

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They believe what they are taught in grade school and most really do want to follow the standard five paragraph essay, however that is not the case. Students are really taught about discourse communities or anything that might help students better prepare if deciding to pursue a higher education. Most students are dumbfounded when asked to write in a different type of genre, because they lack knowledge. High school teachers are sending students with true ignorance to what college writing is about.

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Most first year composition students fail or feel lost in the class because they lack that readiness that should have already been taught to them.

The structure of the standard five paragraph including intro, three paragraph body and conclusion implied to students is believed troublesome, no consistent in writing a journal entry. Not all individuals are born being writers, writing as a matter a fact is a convoluted piece of work and finding the right format seems never to come. Writing isn’t an individual piece it is a partnership with reading. Both reading and writing should have better teaching strategies to better prepare college bound students to fulfill professors expectations once pursuing higher education.integrating knowledge such as diverse genre format writing as well as introduction of discourse communities. Students minds are infiltrated with the fact that writing should have a standard format and to meet teachers expectation without being given the freedom to pursue their own audience. Reading and writing is a cohesive piece of work which one must understand the topic to write about it. Therefore with the lack of knowledge that students possess it is very likely for first year composition students to feel bombarded when entering college because they are taught that the format taught doesn’t deviate.

Writing being the disconcerting process that it is, I have come to find that it has no formal format one being better than the other to get the perspective across to their audience. Writing is messy and difficult, not an easy task at all. Reading and writing is misunderstood and has a lot of misconceptions one being good vocabulary good writer,are incorrect. Reflections that writers put down on paper is a true step into the writer’s mind if you can relate to the audience and have their attention you are doing what you set out to do. High school teaching is contradicting completely college readiness in Texas, students take state test to pass or fail but in reality does it really prepare an individual for their future or confusing them? Of course not preparing them, the reality is that composition is mislead and stereotyped in a lot of ways. We believe we must write a certain way to relate to others without putting thought to the true objective. State test expectations are not meeting college expectations in reading and writing because they are taught that they are two different items when they should be combined in one when teaching is done. I believe the education system is failing students and misleading them to a first semester of FYC that is uncalled for. We should have self conversations with our topic to know how to relate our point of view to the audience and get a sense of idea of how one’s paper should truly look. If we take into considerations the percentage of students who have to retake first year composition as well as rhetorical reading it is amazing educators haven’t found a solution to this early on. There is a simple answer to this restructuring teaching method to integrate reading and writing as a coherent piece of literature. They collide hand in hand as a cohesive piece of instruction that is not yet recognized but should.

Students should be passed on a relevant knowledge of literacy and the practice of such, to know what their future holds or might look like but by teachers or facilitators not providing this tools students come to a road block when entering First Year Composition class in college. Students often want to give up or throw in the towel as they might say or most often drop the class, although it is necessary for any career it really isn’t an easy path to cross. Students get tossed around a number of ideas of how to formulate a good article or piece of writing however not really putting forth an idea of self worth into the piece because their objective is to present the best idea according to their teacher. There is a common misconceptions that students will somehow transpire the ideas that have been instilled by teacher to influence in their article, but the truth is a student researches a topic solely on the idea of what is expected from them. If students would be given the knowledge to play with their article in such a form that they truly understand the topic and connect with it that they could come to a perspective that they could draw a certain audience students would be quicker to pay attention in class and put forth more effort into their work. Rhetorical reading should be taught in the beginning years of elementary school, this would be a great step in the door to motivate kids to want to continue their education past high school. If students could understand that rhetorical reading is the beginning stages of become a writer, not mattering the type of writing that it might be. The education system is failing today’s youth to be ignorant in many ways. They key to writing is understand the piece building your own idea and putting your perspective down in an article or piece. Students are taught that reading and writing are different components and that they should be understood as such, however this is a common misconception. Educators should focus on teaching literacy and integrating such knowledge to students, in order to begin seeing a wave of diverse students wanting to pursue college.

Contextualizing is a great factor that is not passed on thru the education system. We all do this subconsciously even if it is via watching television, reading a text message, driving your car everything at all time occupies the mind. Students with the understanding to contextualize what is being read, seen, or even felt is a step to closer to opening their mind to put something in writing that maybe they couldn’t before. Once a student and teacher make that connection it will be an easier flow of ideas when writing. It is fairly easy to say that ideas cross our mind but aren’t always useful or what we are looking for when trying to write and article. Here again is where reading plays a huge role in the writing process. We all have to be able to read or understand what we are writing about to get my point of view across. In an awkward state of mind some people might say they have writers block so they won’t continue their article or research but in most cases it is because they don’t understand what is read, because they weren’t taught to do so. Four out of ten students said that before attending college they had no idea how to connect the two subject matters that they saw no relevance. Now as attending college students they relate to the importance of contextualizing because it makes the writing process easier. In a survey of students, 40% said they were not prepared for rhetoric as entering freshman most said it was somewhat troublesome, with most saying that they either failed or barely passed.

Educators are failing students as well as parents. Facilitators should reevaluate the practices of reading and writing to better prepare students for their future. i believe in the opportunity to succeed and that every student is supposed to be allowed the knowledge and have the proper teachings to prepare for their future. it is said that there is many discourse communities to help students succeed and become better writers but how so if students see the contradiction in the school system. In Texas when I was young it was the TAAS (Texas Assessment and Academic Skills) now it is STAAR(State of Texas Assessment and Academic Readiness) but as stated before the education system isn’t preparing students for the future it is truly teaching students that to be somebody that is a test you have to master or you fail. I am against this completely because some students are just poor test takers and these tests rates students to pass or fail grade without compassion of their grades all year. In reality in those state tests students aren’t really letting their potential run wild they are meeting expectations placed before them. The biggest issue at hand is that students are being sent to college with little to no knowledge that reading and writing are one but are taught that they are different pieces. If facilitators and educators would come to an agreement of incorporating the curriculum of reading and writing as a cohesive piece Texas would have a higher rate of students succeeding at first year composition versus retaking, dropping or failing the course.

As a fundamental piece to a student’s education is understanding what is being taught to them. By confusing the students, educators are putting a barrier for students to succeed and obstructing them to pursue higher education by doing so it creates tension for students as well as facilitators. Looking back at the articles that helped me see this, I appreciate the understanding that came from, without such information I would be as lost as much as an entering freshman. Reading and writing is a fundamental piece of instruction that should in many ways be associated to everyday life because looking, reading, feeling and exploring is reading and the way we express our emotions is thru writing that may include writing thru thinking a sentence in your head before speaking it.

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