The need for digital communication

Research Problem:

The need for digital communication has increased day by day. As a result, the internet has become the faster communication channel today. Communication on the internet is no secure because there are many ways to access your data illegally.

Hackers can access your data in unauthorized way.


Steganography is a technique by using this we can hide the assistance of our data on the media. A steganography algorithm for information hiding in Arabic text is suggested.

The new algorithm improves the length of mystery message that can be embedded in Arabic content archive without influencing the quality beyond what many would consider possible.


Steganography uses some safe transporter in which message is inserted. Steganography consists of 4 categories.

  1. Linguistic Technique
  2. Font format technique
  3. Random and statistical generation technique
  4. Others technique

About 1.7 billion Muslims communicate in Arabic language. It turns into the 5th spoken language on the world. It is a combination of Farsi and Urdu language and consists of 28 different letters written from right to left.

Every Arabic word consist more than one character join with each other.

Result Discussion:-

Besides, Arabic has an outstanding expansion character called ”Kashida” utilized between letters. It very well may be added to most of Arabic letters, contingent upon their situation in the word. It is utilized as a type of content avocation for some cursive contents like Arabic. Void area support grows spaces between words, hence expanding the length of the content line. In any case, Kashida support is cultivated by lengthening a character of certain picked focuses as appeared in Table 2.

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Steganography is the technique that allow client to hide a message in another message (cover file). Most techniques presented in steganography utilize images, audio, videos as the cover media. However, text steganography is not usually preferred because of the difficulty in finding excess bits in text document.


Text Steganography is one of the challenging techniques used for data hiding. Embedding data in a text document may affect both the text format and the text size. Hence, it increases the opportunity to be easily discovered. In this paper, an Arabic text steganography algorithm is presented. The proposed algorithm enhances the capacity of the hidden message by merging the Arabic extension character Kashida with three small space characters: thin space, hair space and Six-PRE-EM space. Kashida is inserted only when the secret bit is one. Moreover, not all space characters are inserted but only spaces that match the secret bits are inserted.

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