The Necessity of Cost-Efficient Textbooks

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The Kennel Bookstore needs come up with a better solution to provide education at low price. Over the years, students have complained about the prices and buybacks of the textbooks at the Kennel Book Store. Students tend to buy or rent books from other sites for cheaper price. For return, these sites give one to two weeks once school starts. Students have more time of think about if they want to keep the book or return.

The main idea of this report is to analyze an alternative way for students for students to buy books at lower price.

This report shows the comparison between the Chegg, Amazon, and ValoreBooks. These sites allow students to buy a book at low price and save money.

Price and Availability

Chegg is little expensive than other sites but it is cheaper than the Kennel Bookstore. On Chegg, any order over $50 has free shipping. When you buy the purchase a book from Chegg site, it gives you a free trial of four weeks on Chegg study.

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Chegg also allows a return with in 21 days with full refund.

Chegg site contains study questions, and Chegg tutors to help students with their homework. Chegg can variety of book anywhere from used, rental, and brand new. E-textbooks are also provided by Chegg. However, when purchasing a book, Chegg does not show comparison to other sites.

Book Buyback Program

Book buyback program is easy and effective on Chegg. Customers can send in the book to check a quote to see how much their book can raise.

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There is no requirement of how many books or their price. Customers can send in the book at no cost because Chegg provides a free shipping slip. The quote provided about a book is valid for seven days. If the book is not accepted by Chegg than customers have 14 days to request their book back. After 14 days, the book will be donated. Chegg has a policy a strick policy for book return once they are sent in for quote. After 14 days, customers cannot ask for refund of their book has been donated.

Chegg’s website showed the conditions that make the book unacceptable:

  • Burns
  • Rips
  • Broken binding
  • Missing a page
  • Page torn
  • Water/coffee damage
  • Excessive Highlighting
  • Excessive writing

Students’ Opinion

Chegg has variety of selection of books and help. Students find helpful to get help from Chegg tutors and study help. Students like how Chegg provides explanations about problems. If student bought an e-book and they are just skimming though it. Chegg slows and freezes the page so students read it slowly. Chegg offers free items on some orders such as energy drinks, candy, and laundry detergent. Students complaints that Chegg does not have a tracking page or a tracking code. At the end, Chegg provides a great care and resources for students.


Price and Availability

For some books Amazon has similar book price as the Kennel Bookstore. The used page has books at low price as compare to the Kennel Bookstore. The used books and new books are directly through Amazon. It does not involve third party. The cost for shipping depends on the weight. Amazon charges extra money for overnight shipping. If students have Amazon prime account than the prices are little bit different.

Amazons provides variety of textbooks. Textbooks are provided from new, used, rental, hardcopy, and paperback at different costs.

Book Buyback Program

Amazon allows students to have different options when they are buying the book. Student can choose if they want to sell their old textbook or they can trade-in with a different book. For refund, students are paid through Amazon gift cards. Students can anything on Amazon with that money, but they cannot use that anywhere else.

Amazon showed conditions that makes that textbooks unacceptable:

  • Water/Coffee damage
  • Excessive highlighting
  • Excessive writing
  • Torn page
  • Missing a page
  • Book marked as “Not for Sale”
  • Library copy

Students’ opinion

Amazon customer is easy to use. Amazon offers overnight shipping. As compare to the Kennel Bookstore, Amazon is cheap and convenient. Students complaints that they are paid through Amazon gift card and they cannot use this money at other places.


Price and Availability

ValoreBooks known for providing the low prices for books. When students order a book, the shipping cost and time depends on the location of the seller. ValoreBooks charges minimum of $3.95 for shipping.

ValoreBooks sites provides variety of textbooks. Textbooks are provided from new, used, rental, hardcopy, and paperback at different costs.

Book Buyback Program

Customers can search a quote of their book by typing in the ISBN number on the website. In order to be acceptable, the sellback needs to be more than $15. The books can be sent with free shipping slip from ValoreBooks site. Students can choose how they want to get paid. The quote of the book is valid for 30 days once the book is sent in. After 30 days, a different quote will be issued. The new quote might be different from the first one. ValoreBooks sites guarantee highest price for sellbacks. It allows to only sell one book in six months.

ValoreBooks showed conditions that makes that textbooks unacceptable:

  • Excessive Writing
  • Excessive Highlighting
  • Water/coffee damage
  • Different ISBN number
  • Missing a Page

On the website, ValoreBooks mentioned that they are not responsible for damage in the mail. Students need to request their book back with in 14 days. After 14 day, the book will be donated or recycled.

Students’ Opinion

Students not satisfied with ValoreBooks services. Students compained that their book would be rejected without any explanations. Students have also complained about cancelling orders without notifications.


This figure shows the price comparison between sites. The price range varies between these sites. Students have to explore different sites in order to good deal.

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