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The name of the website

Growing Herbs in the Home Garden What is the URL address of the web site you reviewed? http://w3. aces. uiuc. edu/NRES/extension/factsheets/vc-44/VC-44. html What does the work cover? Is it relevant to my topic? (Read the abstract if available. Scan the full text; look especially for the thesis statement and conclusion. ) The website covers information on how to successfully grow herbs at home. The website is relevant to anyone seeking to learn about this topic. When was the work written? Is the information up to date enough for the topic chosen or do you need historical information? (Check the publication date.

In fields such as medicine, science & technology, currency is important. In fields such as history & literature, older materials may be just as valuable as newer ones. ) The website does not indicate when the work was written. It also doesn’t indicate if the content has been updated or not. Who is the author or sponsor and what are their credentials? (Type the author’s name in Google. com and see if you can retrieve some background information about the author. ) James C. Schmidt is a horticulturist. He is also a member of the faculty of the University of Illinois’ Department of Horticulture.

Schmidt has authored other horticulture-related material which are also available for viewing online. Why was the work written? What was its purpose, to inform or to persuade? What was the bias/perspective/motivation? (Check who publishes or sponsors the source. ) The main goal of the website was to give information on the best ways to grow herbs in a home garden. Schmidt’s motivation for creating the site may be purely academic. The tagline of the sponsor of the site states “Helping you put knowledge to work”. This implies that the goal of the website is to disseminate information and to help aspiring gardeners.

The website is maintained by the Department of Horticulture of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. How was the work written? Was it written at a level you can understand and use? The presentation of the information regarding growing herbs in a home garden was clear and direct to the point. The author made sure there were sections separating specific steps in the gardening process. Any gardening enthusiast would be able to understand the words used and would easily be able to glean necessary information for his or her use.

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