The Name Of The Father Essay

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The Name Of The Father

These are three paragraphs that i put together about the three main characters in the movie, being Gerry, Giuseppe and Joe McAndrew. It was put together to be worked into an end of year exam.


Gerry was immature, even reckless in the way he lived as a young man in Belfast. While he stood on the rooftop of a house stealing scrap-metal he was stupid enough to make himself a target to the British soldiers by pretending to play his guitar with a stick, and started a riot. We saw him standing in the crowd, hurling stones at the British soldiers yelling, “English Bastards”, even though he’s politically naïve. Even in London the pattern continued when he broke into the hooker’s house and stole her money, after playing with her toys. Gerry had a great love for his father and family, although we didn’t often see him express it. He came to understand the true importance of his family at moments like when he was comforting his father holding the towel over his head in prison, remembering a childhood memory. We also saw when after his confrontation with Mc Andrew he put his hand on Giuseppe’s shoulder and offered to help with the campaign.

When the police threaten to kill his father, he confesses to the bombing to save his dad. When he’s in prison we saw his concern for his father when he says to Garreth Pierce, “Why are you giving my father false hopes”. Gerry’s inner strength didn’t show until he is in prison. He grows from becoming an immature young man to being a faithful and honest man much like his father. Standing up to Joe McAndrew, looking him in the eye he says, “That was a good day’s work. You’re a real brave man”, after he had torched the prison warden. Once released from prison Gerry vowed to fight on until his father is proven innocent.

Joe Mc Andrew

Joe Mc Andrew was a very important figure of the IRA. He was a man who followed orders and did what he had to do to execute his orders. It didn’t bother him that the Conlon’s were wrongfully convicted as we see when he says to them, “This is a war and you’re one of the innocent victims”. His life’s work was based on politics as he was obsessed with driving out the English from Ireland. The Guilford Pub bombing was just one of his many doings. Mc Andrew approaches life in a fearless way. The day he strides into prison he makes a statement to all the others of his power by eating at the table, standing up for his rights. He is a power -focused person who even while in prison tries to keep the war going. We see his control in the prison at times like when he threatened the chief prisoner that if the other prisoners were mistreated he’d bomb his house and kill his family. Mc Andrews’s obsession with power made him become blinded by revenge. He was ultimately limited as a human being and this sometimes lead him into going to far. A time where we saw this happen was when he torched the prison warden so a new one would be assigned. He had no compassion at all, but he had a great hatred for the English.


Giuseppe was a very kind, honest and compassionate man and he showed that in the way he took care of his family. He was a protective parent and went to any lengths to keep Gerry out of trouble. We see this when he sends him to England to start off fresh. His supportiveness shows when Gerry was in England, he offers him money to survive. He was a straightforward man who had simple aspirations in life, one of them being for him to have a stable job as a bookies clerk to support his family. Honesty was a number one priority to Giuseppe. His trademark cliché was, “Honest money goes further”. Giuseppe was very persistent in everything that he did. We see this while in prison, where to get the story right he constantly keeps writing letters to Gareth Pierce even despite Gerry’s disapproval. He prayed every night that he would be released from prison and reunited with his wife and family. His persistence finally lead to the truth being revealed. Giuseppe had great courage and wisdom which allowed him to see the real good in people. He never turned his back on Gerry. When Gerry was put into prison he went to England to help him. Even while in prison we see his thought for others when he stands up to Mc Andrew saying, “Don’t be sorry for us, be sorry for the ones you killed”.

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