The Myth of the Cave: Describing Philosophy Essay

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The Myth of the Cave: Describing Philosophy

“I say, now, that the prison is the world we see with our eyes: the light of the fire is like the power of our sun. The climb upward out of the cave into the upper world is the ascent of the mind into the domain of true knowledge” Plato, The Republic. “That the prison is the world we see with our eyes” I find that this is true to the point that we See the world phiscally as a place we can move around, wether it be a place we see as a limitless area of travel or the confines of are homes that we don’t dare leave.

Most tend to not want to leave those homes as they feel no need to want to adventure out and see the rest of the world. Several reason drive this as most would agree that the chances that you would die from a car wreck, drowning in water, or even set on fire is very minimal while staying in their homes. Also the fact that we now have Television, those people would have little to dought on what happening in the outside world as it is delivered to their safety of their of homes. So you could say the dancing flames against the wall are the images that we see on television of this day.

Only issue is there is no need to use your imagination as those prisoners did in the story to gain a concept of the outside world. But what we don’t get from the television is that the images that it portrays is basically a story that those who report want to tell instead of getting all the information yourself. So that in itself could be explain as the prison we see with our eyes. To be able to break free from our prison, such as going outside and seeing with our own eyes on what is going on in the real world could prove difficult for most.

But once has able to do so they get to experience the freedoms that are greater then those they would only see through the television. I would stand on the fact that if we could break away from our “prisons” we would be more knowledge of the world and instead of believe on what we see, we would go beyond that and and instead of bleiving what we see, we try instead to understanding on why we are seeing what were looking at, which in turn makes us more knowledgeable then what we would have been if we never left that prison.

The light of the fire is like the power of our sun” I think this quote is kind of dated for this date and age, as I mention above I would think more of the light of the fire would me more of the images we see on television. Only, we have all lost the sense of needing to use our imagination to interpret on what we see. But as I said earlier, we’re also not getting the whole “picture” either from the TV, but only what is being told to us, and for most of us, we take that as face value and don’t want to question why or try to understand of the reasons of what we are seeing in front of us.

I can understand concept though on light being like the sun, once we start not accepting everything we see and try to understand on why we are seeing it, the information can be blinding at first, almost surreal to the point where at first it would hurt ones self, which could also be the turning point of either we continue on and search for the wisdom we seek by enduring a bit more of the blinding pain, or turn away and go back to what we know because its what were told.

But just like being out in the sun, the longer you stay out and let yourself and your body adjust to the light the less painful it gets and eventually is no longer painful, but enjoyable. And this can be said about the knowelege we try gain, at first it can be a painful process but in time it becomes less painful as its easier for us to figure out on what works to gain this type of knowledge, and eventually it becomes really enjoyable as now we can gain the knowledge without the headaches of past failures.

The climb upward out of the cave into the upper world is the ascent of the mind into the domain of true knowledge” I believe I’ve pretty much covered this in above as the truth for true knowledge is not only a painful process but since its not easy it can also be a uphill battle to achieve that knowledge. But as there is any ascent up a hill, there is also a peak, and at the peak is what we strive for as it is what we believe has the clear picture, not nessary the answers were looking for but a better understanding of what we are searching for.

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