The Myth Of Fat Free Food Essay

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The Myth Of Fat Free Food

Meat products, junk foods and dairy products often advertise that the product that they are distributing are products that are either “fat free” or with lesser fat content than the usual item sold to the public. This is a claim that could only be repudiated by thoroughly examining the product as well as knowing the proper way of computing for calories per food serving and calories per fat content mass of the food in question. An example of such computation is outlined below to prove that the computation of calories sourced from fat is erroneous in most packed food containing the “fat free” or “lesser fat claim”.

Based from the computations  performed above,  it appears that Food Manufacturing Companies  have been getting away with misleading facts concerning their  products. It could never be denied that these companies  have found a way to give “healthier” food to the health conscious public. The minimal calories associated to the food they manufacture  is indeed,   a  testament to their unwavering  dedication in promoting a healthier lifestyle for their  consumers.

However, it should also be pointed out that  it is wrong to knowingly alter the Nutritional facts  stated on the product label to deceive their consumers.  Food Manufacturing Companies should refrain from putting  false information to the product packaging caption with unsubstantiated claims concerning the product’s nutritional values.  Instead, what they should do is to put in a  claim that their product has lesser  fat ,  lesser protein , lesser sodium  or    lesser cholesterol  based calories than most of the projects being sold in the market.  This would be more accurate and factual rather  than making claims  that their  food product is 97%, 98%, 0r 96%  fat free, especially when contains  18, 19 or 22.5% fat per serving. These


manufacturers need to correct  these  misleading statements   concerning their food product  in order to be  credible in the eyes of the public.


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