The Mystery of the Mummy’s Curse Essay

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The Mystery of the Mummy’s Curse

The purpose of this essay is to explain the mystery behind “the mummy’s curse”. I will do this by first explaining the theory that some believe to be “the curse of the pharaoh”. Secondly, I will discuss the scientific theories behind the mysterious deaths of the men who were present at the opening of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. Finally, I will conclude with the theory I believe to be true.

The first theory, I will discuss is the urban myth about “the mummy’s curse”. There was a message outside of the tomb that was translated to say “Death Shall Come on Swift Wings to Him Who Disturbs the Peace of the King”. Legend has it that anyone who dared open the tomb would suffer the wrath of the mummy. A series of unfortunate events suddenly began to affect the men who entered first. Some became ill, others even died. There were many other events that occurred that some believe explains “the curse”.

My second theory would be the scientific explanation behind the mysterious deaths. In 1986, Dr. Caroline Stinger-Phillip discovered the mystery behind the deaths. There seem to be mold growing on the walls of the tomb. The dust particles from the mold had a high allergenic potency. These men who entered the tomb first suffered an allergic reaction, symptoms from the reaction, was probably the cause of their deaths… Recent findings give a more convincing explanation of “the curse of the mummy”.

Finally, I conclude with the theory I believe correct, the scientific theory. I do not believe in myths or urban legends. In my opinion, the science in how they inhaled the mold spores, showed symptoms of the allergic reaction, and then going untreated, explains the men’s deaths. Everything else, I feel is pure coincidence.

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