The Movie Supersize Me Essay

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The Movie Supersize Me

Supersize Me is the perfect movie to watch to understand the importance of diet and eating habits. It teaches us specifically about the dangers of fast food as well as what foods are better options! Supersize Me is a great teaching tool for all who watch. This documentary shows us the risks of eating fast food, specifically McDonald’s. Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald’s fast food for thirty days straight. He gained 25 pounds and also doubled his chances for heart disease, which shocked me. I knew that fast food was terrible, but that quick of a weight gain plus the drastic increase for chances of heart disease was astounding. It took Morgan 14 months to lose his extra weight and he said it was nothing close to being easy, which I can believe. The fact that forty percent of meals are eaten out of the house daily is a crazy statistic and one that I believe should not exist! I completely agree that fast food is a problem that contributes to obesity. As the documentary stated, sixty percent of overweight people eat fast food consistently.

I am very glad that this documentary included ways schools are affecting obesity in their students, as I think that bad eating habits start at a young age. Any chance to decrease obesity and poor health due to diet is a positive change, and I salute the schools that are trying to do so. Some schools have banned soda vending machines and even prohibited students from bringing soda, which I think is a great start. I think that school lunches, however, are generally on the unhealthy side. More should be done to promote healthy dietary habits that go beyond removing soda. Overall, this documentary was a great one. I hate it for Spurlock that he had to go through all the health issues. It scared me when he got so bad that the doctors were telling him to stop so his heart and liver didn’t give out.

To watch that happen to someone is hard, especially when it is 100% preventable from a dietary standpoint. Also, I like how this film pointed out McDonald’s specifically. Being the first fast food restaurant in the world has also led it to be the biggest. Which, may be great for them and all, but the fact that it contributes to forty-three percent of the fast food industry is incredible, and not in a good way. Going into nursing really makes me view the world in a different light. This documentary opened my eyes to the dangers of fast food. I personally enjoy eating some French fries and chicken nuggets every now and then. But now I am much more cautious about how often I do this. I know that eating it every day for every meal is way different than eating it every now and again, maybe a few times a month, but the fact that the food served at these restaurants (can you even call it that?) have so much power to harm the body is something that the world should know! And I am glad that Supersize Me aimed to inform!

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