The movie Notorious Essay

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The movie Notorious

The movie Notorious B. I. G. deals with the life and history of the one of the greatest rapper Christopher “Biggie” Wallace and the following conditions that drives his murderer. The movie starts with his success as a well-known rapper followed by his demise that started just as a momentarily freeze while staring onto something. The movie commences from his teenage years as a drug dealer, his close ties with his mother and a few women who became his affairs (Only one however became his true love in the end).

The scene prior his murder and that facial expression he wrought during which the murderer will execute their plan has become my beacon on the movie. His facial expression is implying for a horrible picture that will happen while the ladies are muttering something, it’s like an omen which will be preceded by Wallace death. Then all his life came on flashing by, the movie started from the end part which will persuade you initially to watch for the whole scene of the movie in order to rationalize it. You are intrigue with how the story flow, what happen to his life, how had he become mature as his mother says during the last scene.

It is an objective character which has something to do with motivating viewers to analyze the story by giving that simple gist of what is going to happen in the final part. Furthermore, the movie is not localized, it is internationally viewed thus it is important to draw attention to the viewers especially for those who do not really know who “Biggie” is. It is essential in framing the whole movie scene. In connection with Biggie’s death, prior to it, he just came to realize all life mistakes during the accident that occurred in front of the store.

Here had come, his seemingly last words implying that his time might be near uttering his outpouring affection for his mother, his wife and to his girlfriend, all that seems to evoke an emotion to the story. On the camera shots, apparently there has a just minimal flaw. I was just confused when Biggie was on the hospital after the accident. It was the time when he is recollecting his thoughts like his past mistakes, the subjects which cause him to be a juvenile delinquent and all those important happenings in his life.

The sudden movement of the camera to Biggie’s side and to his front and that steel in front of him is quite annoying. Extreme focus on Wallace face is happened every time during his dialogue, he is too big and yet the camera is seemingly focused on him, it should have to be moved backwards just a little. Extreme focus has to be used only when that particular part is essential on the overall motive of the movie. The movement of the camera in the first part abovementioned is just right; it is more on captivating rather than annoying.

The movement of the camera also when Biggie was shot is just right, how the camera transfer onto the other side to focus on his friends running onto him to find out what is wrong. Extreme long shots were also applied in the movie to view the spectacular picture of a place. The movie has actually several extreme long shots and a crane shot. The camera is one of the most important tools in captivating the viewer’s appreciation. There are some special shots to augment the special effects of the movie.

These shots should be applied on the right tracking so as not to confuse the viewers. The crane shot is literally taken on a crane. It is used to capture the whole picture of the movie in perspective. It is also used to establish the setting of the story. The crane shot can move diagonally, down, up, right and left. Crane shots are often utilized through long and extreme shots. A dolly is actually a cart used to set up the camera on it. The dolly shots or trucking shots are used to view a dramatic scene. It is equated to zooming the camera.

Zooming however is to moved a piece of the camera to have a closer look on the scene but in dolly shot, the camera can have a better focused by following the movement of the characters. These movements are basically to stir the viewers mind. A still camera move is like a dead movie thus it is also important to learn what and to apply the different camera movement. REFERENCE MATERIAL: Notorious B. I. G. Movie Chandler, Daniel. (1994). The Grammar on Television and Film. http://www. aber. ac. uk/media/Documents/short/gramtv. html Retrieved 04 February 2009

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