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The Movie "Avatar" Analysis

Paper type: Analysis
Pages: 2 (363 words)
Categories: Avatar, Movie
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The movie Avatar shares many aspects and themes of European imperialism. In the movie, the human protagonist Jake takes the form of a Na’vi aliens. The conflict arises when the sky people arrive at the home of the Na’vi, Pandora, and begin to exploit its sacred resources. In the movie the Na’ vi people represent the native people from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia; The sky people represent the Europeans during the age of imperialism.

The movie brings awareness of imperialistic ideas of humans, for example, General Quaritch the main antagonist in the movie asked Jake to spy on the Na’vi people, bring him intel, and make them cooperate in 3 months or else he would have no other choice but to seize and destroy Pandora.

This shows a great example of how other nations took over other small nations and continued to control them. The movie demonstrates motives for the economy. One of the main reasons the sky people were exploiting Pandora’s resources was because of unobtanium, a highly valuable mineral found on Pandora’s moon worth millions.

This connects to history because the Europeans wanted oil, rubber, and diamonds From Africa.

During the European imperialism in Africa, the Europeans constructed the Africans new roads and schools to teach them English. In Avatar we see the same concept going on, the general briefly explained how they could convince the Na’vi people by building them schools and teaching them English therefore which may lead them to trade, the sky people trading guns and medicine for unobtanium and other resources.

Another connection of imperialism in the movie was when the general gave the orders to destroy the forest thinking that would threaten Na’vi tribes into retreat, but instead of hiding they stood their ground and fought for their homeland. During European imperialism, the Ethiopians were able to resist British rule just like how the Na’vi won against the sky people. Even in today’s society we still are imperialistic and we still try to control one another. For example, India is currently trying to control Bangladesh. In conclusion, the movie Avatar is a perfect representation of how the Europeans imperialized other nations in the 1870s.

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