The Movers of the World and Their Importance to Society Essay

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The Movers of the World and Their Importance to Society

A person with an AK -47 automatic assault rifle steps in the local mall and shoots all the employees and kills them. The owner comes in and realizes that the most important part of his company is no longer around to sell and take orders to help it keep it running. So just like a company without people to help run it, a company without a person with the knowledge of computer information science isn’t going to get far .Well, not as quickly as everyone else in receiving and issuing out information. Obtaining a degree in computer information science will give me an opportunity to join a lot of jobs from different type of companies. It will give me the understanding of the communication system networking in business .I will get a broad view of what type work settings I will be working in with a degree in computer information science. Also I will get a quick view of what formed computer information science and will I make enough money to take a cruise thru the Bahamas every year.

An individual with a degree in computer science will be solving problems, creating new technologies, and carrying out research. They will also come up with new ways to apply a new idea that is dealing with computer use and expound them to others. Companies now and days are turning to computers because it is a quicker way to communicate with mass people, other businesses and send and receive information. Having the knowledge of computer science is another way to keep up with daily, monthly and yearly activities. In order for a company to keep up with the business world of today they must have someone who has gumption of computer operations.

I chose computer science because there are lots of positions that I can get from that degree. Although there are different concentrations in that degree I still have plenty of options to choose from with a concentration in networking. Networking gives me the options of choosing different job titles. I could go for system analysts because systems analysts are the main individual’s in the success of any company. They create new systems while dealing with existing capabilities of technology that is avail. I could be a database administrator, processing all the company data since all companies have information that they want to keep up with. Any concentration of computer science will allow the holder to build any organization networking for the users can be able to get information from outside networks such as email communications.

Computer scientist can also be working to have inside company network communications running mellifluous. Another reason I chose this job is because the work environment will be relaxing and with flexibility. Computer systems analysts, database administrators, and computer scientists generally work in pleasant work environments such as research laboratories or offices. Given the advanced technology options available to many businesses and professionals it is also possible to telecommute. Networks evolve and expand people can work from home and other non-office locations (Guide to college majors in computers science, 1999).

Like I said before there are many titles for computer information science in a variety of jobs if not 90% of jobs and the salary varies.An systems analysts can earn from $73,000 on up. Data administrators can earn up to $68,000.If one want to further their career and get a master ‘s in computer information science then they can earn a salary of $97,000 to $121,000 yearly. While it is possible to find jobs as researchers or adjuncts with only a master’s degree, a doctorate in computer science is usually the least needed for careers in academia and research (Paley, 1999). I consider all them good paying prospects.

All companies deal with numbers in the sense of mathematics. Have been birth from the mathematics department, it’s best to know its characteristics and be grounded with them. The main characteristics are calculus,algebra,physics and chemistry (Paley, 1999). Math is the foundation and employers are looking for the that type of potential to keep the company moving toward the future.

Technology is advancing and being created everyday and that is creating positions in companies.Jobs have different names for the same job field and obtaining a higher degree in your field can move you up in the company.You can start as a database entry -level worker and move up to a data administrator. Certification is essentially a standard process in the industry (Computer science,technology and database administration careers and jobs 2012). That is the main reason employers are looking for people with degrees or certifications stating computer information science.

Businesses flourish with the knowledge of computer information science. Living in today’s world people are impatient with questions and are quickly coming up with ideas. People want a quick way to solve these problems and distribute them fast. Computers are a way to satisfy that need and companies are in competition in recruiting people who have the networking skills with computers. One will need that skill to keep the company interacting with people inside and outside the company in a quick way. Having the mathematical mind will help solve problems that will give a person the one up on the next person in job searching. Having a computer information science degree will give one the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home to a nice office setting with the ability to maneuver around personal living. On top of that, you will be earning that salary to take that trip to the Bahamas every year.


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