The movement of illegal Mexicans into Texas Essay

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The movement of illegal Mexicans into Texas

Mexicans entered the United States from the southern border into Texas. For the Mexicans to have preferred to leave their mother country there are factors that contributed to these immigrations. After the Second World War, America’s economy expanded therefore forcing American employers to get laborers from Mexico to replace those who had moved to the military and other well paying jobs, this was a temporary worker program that would allow Mexicans to stay for duration of nine months in a year.

When this program came to an end-due to amendment of laws-employers started importing the Mexicans illegally, a factor that led to their influx in the region since it was now not illegal to hire the immigrants even without documentation. Revision of the immigration policies from a quota to a preference system was a major push factor, after the Second World War, America softened her stand on immigration since the quota system was viewed as promoting racism.

This policy encouraged issuance of visas to immigrants per every foreign state, due to the bureaucratic process of acquiring visas, the immigrants got impatient to wait for years hence getting in illegally. Abject poverty and lack of employment were other factors that led to illegal immigration into Texas. Mexicans had a culture of maintaining close cultural ties with their relations, since most of them lived in small urban centers and rural areas, easy movement across the border still provided an ample opportunity for them to maintain these ties with their families.

Poor management of the borders was largely highlighted in the media, this made the Mexicans take advantage of the crisis situation and settle in large numbers in Texas (LeMay, M. C 2007). Pull factors are those that attract immigrants to settle in a country, America experienced fast economic growth; this led to the sprouting of industries which by extension made Mexicans take advantage of the high labour opportunities and move to Texas.

There was generally lower population in Texas as compared to Mexico, the government introduced amnesty efforts, poor enforcement of immigration policies and employers in Texas having taken employees illegally due to desperation. These are some of the factors that exacerbated the influx of immigrants in Texas (McDonald, J. J 2007).

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