The Move that Changed My Life

Moving to America made me realize how much freedom is limited in my country. Coming to the United States showed me how to appreciate my native background, culture and morals but it also showed me how well freedom is given here.

I was born in Nigeria. I’ve lived in Nigeria for fourteen years, the summer of 2010 I found out we were moving to the United States. Yes, I know it was a big change and I was very much excited about this change because I was happy to know I was leaving Nigeria, this excitement reflected the fact that I’ve never been out of the my place before yet alone move to a place like the united states.

Let me explain why this was huge. In Nigeria, we’ve always thought living overseas was the dream because I hear about how free and developed it is overseas. Things have always said to be made easy in the United States or abroad and when you’ve been in a place too long the value starts to decrease.

I know it sounds stupid because it shows how I don’t appreciate my country but don’t get me wrong I do, sometimes I just wish we have stand electricity, unlimited internet access, constant cable and a nice communication system, like the developed countries. It wasn’t necessarily hard in Nigeria, but a lot of important things where made scarce, so you would get why this was a big deal.

When we arrived in the United States, it was different and exciting.

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People always asked me why I made Louisiana the states to settle down in, well to answer the question. My uncle lived here he is a family practice specialist in Monroe. We lived with him for a good three months when we came here before we decided to live on our on and trust me it was not easy, because his wife made it hell for us but I’m over it now. He was one of the reasons we moved here, the second reason was school of course, the most important one of all. Let me explain to you why education was the most important reason. You see in Nigeria education has always been taken for granted, unlike the United States, educations was not compulsory. There are a lot of illiterates in Nigeria but I’m not one of them. Studying in the United States gave me a lot of opportunities in Nigeria plus the education system in the United States was easy so u see why this was important.

Let’s talk about my high school life, let me start by saying I hated it. Being in high school in the United States was the worst 3 years of my school life. I didn’t like it because of the gossiping, the bullying, the constant judging and mocking, and most importantly the drama. I hated it because of how depressed, lonely and homesick I felt and I always wished every summer that I could go back to Nigeria because high school just made me miss it more. You noticed how I said 3 years, well I’m about to tell you how my senior year went. That was only best year I had in high school, it’s sad I know. This was because I finally decided to come out of my shell because for those 3 years I have been hiding and I realized that I was getting older and it was pointless to hide now. Joining the Neville marching band was the best thing that happened to me in high school it made me understand and appreciate friendship and I don’t regret coming out of my shell at all it was worth it.

Living here now has made me realize how change can occur in a little amount of time and how comfortable it is to get out of my shell by going out to try and explore new things, especially in the united states. It’s not perfect and that easy in the United States but the only way to succeed here is hard work and perseverance.

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