The Motto and Leadership Philosophy of My Life

Many people are guided by a certain set of principles or values that work as a sort of moral compass in making life decisions. I’m not one of those people. My one and only guiding light is my insatiable desire to accomplish tasks while avoiding unnecessarily difficult work. While some might simply label me as lazy I would prefer to call myself a traveler on the Path of Least Resistance. A prime example of my travels down this road would be this assignment, which I assure you was in fact written at the very last moment that you, the reader, could possibly think of.

My motto is, though cliché, a brilliant philosophy; a slightly modified Hakuna Matata. I make my decisions based on how much work certain tasks will demand of me.

Let’s continue the essay metaphor: I am laying in bed doing absolutely nothing and the opportunity presents itself to complete some schoolwork. It requires a good deal less effort on my part to simply lay back and do nothing than crawl out of bed and use my brain.

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In economic terms, the marginal costs of getting out of bed did not outweigh the marginal benefits. And unsurprisingly my leadership style reflects this principle. Infamously, the Clinton White House was notoriously chaotic. Owing to his administration’s hectic nature, President Clinton’s cabinet meetings were quite rambunctious. While everyone sat around the table shouting their ideas and opinions the President just sat back quietly and listened intently to everyone.

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Only after his secretaries had each given their thoughts on a matter would he voice his opinion and make a decision.

I follow the same philosophy as Slick Willie. I don’t feel the need to take control of every situation and do not assert myself unnecessarily. I do not yell or act without gathering all of the facts. I’m a bit of a pragmatist in that I listen to everyone and look at all of the information available before I make my decisions, just as Clinton does. So basically, the only value I hold close is making the least amount of effort to get things done. And the leadership philosophy I subscribe to is the pragmatic approach of sitting back and looking at everything before acting.

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