The Most Important Person’s in My Life Essay

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The Most Important Person’s in My Life

In 2010 the most important thing in my life was toking from me was my job. Later in the month I started receiving unemployment for year three months. It got so bad to where I lost my house then I end up losing my unemployment four months later, so I moved in with my mother for three months. Until one day I went to State Fair with my cousin and her daughter. While walking I melt most inspiring man at the State fair and my reason for saying he was inspiring, because as we are walking and talking I was talking about my situation and we got on about the bible which so uplifting, inspiring what made me interesting in him.

The conservation was nice interested we laughed, cried, smiled then ended up getting on the rides at fair we looked at all vendors had to offer the one place I stopped at is where they sell purses. He bought one of pretties hand bag. We were just laughing and talking and having the time of our life. I felt so happy it seemed like fairy tale. I wouldn’t never dream of gentleman this good to me. For the month, July which is my birthday month he bought two bouquets of red roses and six balloon’s and nice big pretty card.

This man pick’s me off my feet, he makes my heart skip beat and stomach flutter every times I see him. I am starting fall so quick for this man. I had slow myself down and catch my thoughts. After that I had wonderful birthday party that gave me. He called me the next day and told me to get ready he was on his way to come and get me. When arrived I got in the car proceeded to drive down the street with eyes blind folded when finally got there I got the car with his help.

I walked up the stairs and stopped he pulled off blind fold it was a big red ribbon on the door of house that he purchased for me and my daughter to live in. He was the most important inspiring man I have ever met. Who is elegant and highly intelligent was a high school graduate, several degrees’ in ministering. He is from Milwaukee. He was wise kind and extremely funny, everyone respected and loved him. He took such very good care of me and my daughter; yes I was very spoiled he even went so far as finding me house for me and my daughter.

I loved him so much. Until 2011 in September 07, most important inspiring man I have met was taking from me. He ended up going to jail for twelve years. He is the one that helped shape who I am today, because there for I wouldn’t be in college to this day he gave me courage to go back to school. Emotional intelligence is very important in school and job situations. Every day I strong being able to read a person’s emotions and understand they can be beneficial it taught me about different ways understanding personalities that come across every day.

Last year out seat out for semester, because I attended English 099 that I end up failing for that semester, because I didn’t take English serious I look at things differently in different situations. As I took this class second time around this class taught me all people don’t think a like people don’t understand formatting how write an essay. It took me a minute for learn a little about writing essay.

Understanding other’s and looking at things from different perspectives actually broaden your own horizons by using intelligence it enables me to know how to react to situations at school and work, which will make me be successful. He always told me someone with a positive attitude is a person that encourages others. Don’t give up and keep praying try to find alternative solutions if something doesn’t work out on your behalf keep on praying and stay strong and keep your head up. This is way I love this man so much he keeps me focus and on track he the most important person in my life beside my children.

He was wise kind man and extremely funny and everyone respected and love him because he was there for me and my daughter. Even when I was sick he took good care of me he went grocery shopping for me wash my clothes what every needs to be done he took care of it. Yes I was very spoiled by him that’s what I miss. I wishing thinking I was stronger I could gotten him through it and from going to jail but only thing can do keep writing him and still be here we comes home. The most important and inspiring man that helped shape me who I am today.

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