The most important person in my life Essay

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The most important person in my life

Some people say they met their best friend in elementary school or from a sports team; luckily, I found mine in the womb being born at the same time as me. Not many people are so fortunate as to have a twin sister, so to me she is the four-leaf clover in the endless meadow; I feel exceptionally lucky to consistently have her by my side. Leaving Jenna to come to university was the hardest decision I have ever come across in my life so far. She has supported me in everything I do, she has made me a better person and has always been the best friend that I can rely on.

Ever since I was born, Jenna has continuously supported me in everything I do. Playing team B.C. for rugby was such a great achievement for me and with no hesitation she was my biggest supporter. Hearing her yell on the sidelines with such passion and desire made me strive to improve on the field. She would yell at me with such excitement and dedication as if she was my own coach wanting me to succeed. Having a sister who supports me is so beneficial to the success I have achieved in rugby.

Attending high school for the first time was difficult for me. The loud, rambunctious noise as I entered the classroom for the first time was intimidating. Unaware of my actions; I felt like I was more superior than everyone and only cared about what other people thought about me. Thinking about it now, the sick twisted feeling lingering in my stomach never goes away from how ignorant and crude I was to this boy. Jenna noticed my ignorance and immediately demonstrated friendly and kind behavior and it gradually made me realize how exceptionally nice I can be. She continuously strives to help me with my mistakes and for that I’m a better person.

There is never a moment where I can’t rely on my sister because she is always aware of when I’m going through an awful time.

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