The Most Important Object in My Life

Soft, cuddly, and a good listener, my dear teddy bear is the most important creation man sewed over the past decades. It is the only permanent thing in my life and never left me in the rollercoaster ride of destiny. My teddy bear was given to me by a neighbor as a birthday present. He was my first fluffy toy during my childhood years. We watched movies together, sat next to each other, and did spend our leisure time simultaneously.

I always bring him whenever I can especially when we go to long journeys and vacations.

During the moments when I felt pain and sadness, I just grab him in my arms and whisper how terrible I felt when mom scolded me, whenever the bullies snatched my paper bill, and how I wish people could understand the way I am. I treated him like an older brother. He is my security blanket. He never failed to give me the comfort and happiness during my darkest days.

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He is the only thing I can trust and depend on. That special bond continued until my first year as a teen. As time passed by, I realized that I became too dependent on my teddy bear. I feared the dependency the same way as I was afraid of being independent and alone. I felt I cannot live without the most reliable and trustworthy object in my life. The fear was translated into an awareness and recognition that my teddy bear is far from what I have believed he was: a good listener with a soul.

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Yes, he never left me in times of despair but he is incapable of comprehending my deepest thoughts and emotions because he is a nonliving thing. The worry of being independent and detaching myself to my security blanket gradually faded. He was still there, lying in my bed and watching me handling my own problems and disappointments in life. I will always treasure the memories and the maturity my teddy bear gave me. He gave me the greatest gift in my life: independence and accountability and he will remain in my heart forever.

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The Most Important Object in My Life

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