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The Most Important Decision of My Life Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 6 (1374 words)

We are all making choices and taking decisions in our everyday life; however, good ones lead us on the right path while bad ones bring us into the middle of nowhere. Throughout my life, the hardest decision that I’ve ever made would definitely be choosing to get a career or to continue working to earn money right away. People even said I usually make strange choices, but they are not strange for me. That moment, I knew I’ve chosen the right one.

I’ve chosen the one that I wouldn’t regret in the future. The choice that made me happy and lived my life splendidly that it should supposed to be long time ago.

Like many students anxious to enter the workforce, I left college after finishing my first semester which is the same time when I migrated here to United States. I was so confused back then; I was even more confused than an ant crossing the road.

I’m on my adjusting point on everything. I almost forgot my name due to a lot of things to think about. Until I got the thought of, “Why do I need to get a career if I could just go get a job right away? ” So I pushed my luck. With courage, I searched for a job from left to right. I almost looked under rocks just to find one.

Luckily, everything was worth it when I received the precious phone call from a factory saying “I got accepted. ” No words can explain how excited and happy I am after receiving the phone call that I’ve been longing and waiting for. By that time I thought it was almost perfect, a new experience almost like a new era for me. My first day went totally awesome. As I entered the factory, I saw the main production site where I will start to work on. I was like, “Man, I’m on Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! ” Surrounded by sweets, big machines and new people in my sight; I’m happy to start my first job experience in a cookie and chocolate factory.

Surprisingly as I walked closer, I could even taste the warm chocolate-chip cookie by just having the smell of it as I passed by. The warm, sweet aroma permeated my brain and made me forget everything else. It was enough to drive anyone crazy. I even saw some cookies smiling at me waving for a warm “hello. ” I couldn’t believe from that day I will be considered someone who will help to produce those famous branded cookies. Working on a cookie & chocolate factory was not that hard as I expected.

Rather, I found the enjoyment I was looking for. Packing different kinds of sweets, cookie crumbs all over my gloves, chocolate mixtures cattered all over my uniform was totally fun. But that didn’t last forever; everyday doing the same thing over and over again made my life a living hell. As time went by, I started to get bored, lonely and sad as well. I felt pathetic to have a life that only rotated between a job and a home. Seeing those machines every day was like having a nightmare that I couldn’t get away from. I couldn’t get out of it as a prisoner trying to escape from a prison. I felt I’m stuck on the same day over and over again as Bill Murray got stuck on his movie “Groundhog Day. ” I realized I have no one else to blame for but myself.

I was the one that chosen having that job in the first place. That time I thought I couldn’t do anything rather to accept it and just let it happen. Every night when I got home, I would just go to sleep right away, hugging my pillow tight and disregarding the feeling that I was so bored and sad, and tomorrow will be the same thing all over again. Since I planned to continue working full time I met a young half Filipino, half German guy named Troy. He was a just like me, a worker but supposed to be a college student. We talked and shared things a lot as siblings usually do.

Then one break time, we got curious about our reasons why we dropped out of college and enter the work field. I shared mine first. Without hesitation, I started to state my reason like a 5-year old kid sharing his ideas, “I just want to earn money right away so that I can buy anything I want. ” Seeing his head bent down I get the feeling that I might have said something wrong but I continued with my words of, “Aren’t we are lucky? Because we’re still young and we already got a job,” then I giggled. After I said that, he finally raised his head up, looked at me with disappointments and said “You’re dumb.

I realized I didn’t get him to agree with my thoughts rather I made him feel uncomfortable. He immediately continued with his words of, “You’re thinking only about your present, you need to think about your future too. ” Listening to him got me so confused. I wanted to ask something. But not letting me speak, he shared his reason. He started with, “I am just working for college. ” I silently listened in every detail he explained until he said “Yes, we got a job but working here will get you to nowhere. ” that made me start to feel uncomfortable. He shared and shared his thoughts like a teacher explaining his lesson plan on the class.

Until he ended up with, “You don’t wanna die here right, John? ” After hearing those words I got a goose bumps but in a good way. When I heard his plans and his thoughts, I was stricken with such a dumb spasm of, jealousy, thinking I needed to move forward with my life too. I suddenly said to myself with bravery, “This is not me. Rather, I can do better than this. ” I finally realized I was being so close minded back then. That moment, I suddenly saw troy as a rival. After a few weeks when Troy and I had our conversation I found out that Troy left the job to continue his plans and dreams.

I was shocked as a bird landing on a live wire after knowing he finally decided to make his dreams come true. I felt I was beat by a rival. But that didn’t stop me. Rather, I made Troy’s decision as an inspiration. So with jealousy and determination, I began toying with the idea of returning to school to complete a degree and have a career for a better future. Few weeks later, I finally decided to quit the job. Without any regrets and looking back I was happy as a bird unfettered from his cage and started to fly see the sky again. My last day of working was unforgettable.

I suddenly found my work entertaining again having the thought of, “It will be the last time to see these things, place and people again. ” By that time I know I should leave. With tears, my co-workmates said I’m selfish leaving them on that crappy place and moving forward with my life. But with compassion, I left them with the words of, “You can do anything you want; you control your life. You always have a decision” as Spiderman said on his first movie “Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice.

It’s the choices that make us who we are and we can always choose to do what is right. ” Later on, my determination brought me into a success. I finally started by taking two classes of a summer semester; I slowly discovered the adjustments I needed to make to accommodate my new schedule. I also had the time to get back into good study habits, so I could succeed in class and build up my classroom-confidence. At the end of the day on my first day of classes, I was happy as a June bug fully committed to my decision to complete my Bachelor’s Degree.

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