The Most Iconic Folk Vocalist

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Joan Baez born of Mexican and Scottish descent was brought on this earth January 9th 1941 in Staten Island, New York in a quaker home her family eventually moved to California form an early age she experiences discrimination. But that did not stop her from pursuing her natural musical talents. She became a vocalist in Folk music and is one of the most icon people to this day in that field of music.

In 1960 Baez dropped her first self titled album through vanguard records featuring iconic tracks like “house of the rising sun and “mary Hamilton” she was loved for her voice her her virgin mary/ Madonna Aesthetic, soon after this album dropped She met the (at the time unknown) artist Bob Dylan who was a pivotal force in helping gain access to the scene.

Dylan wrote much of her music at the time and gave her some form of artistic expression that she had never felt before. The union eventually came to an end in 1965 but the relationship was one of the most well known at the time.

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Baez often used her music to express herself and her political views on the world at the time.Popular songs like “We shall overcome” that we about the civil rights movement. In addition to her music she was an artist and a worker that gave her time in university free-speech effort, that were anti war.

Baez wed David Harris in 1968 and they had one child together his name was Gabriel Harris was also an activist mostly at the forefront of anti Vietnam efforts.

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He was jailed for sometime because he refused to get drafted, the two eventually went there separate ways. Joan has often spoken about her issues with intimacy and how being an activist she feels more intimate with a croad of 5,000 people then with just one singular person.

Recently in 2011 Joans Debut album landed itself in the Grammy hall of fame and that same year Amnesty International Highest Honor was given to her “The Ambassadors of Conscience Award for her numerous fights and outspokenness about human rights Joan celebrated her 75th Birthday in 2016 and Baez is still making music today.

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