The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel Essay

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The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel

In the movie you saw how a group of English people went to India and what cultural differences they experienced. For instance one of the people who had come to have an operation in India used to be a housekeeper/maid her entire life. She comes into contact with a cleaning lady in India and gives her some tips on how to sweep better. She later on gets invited to come to her home where she lives with her whole family. When she askes why? someone explains that no one has ever talked to her. This is great example if Hofstede’s power distance dimension. India has a high power distance ratio of 77 which means that there is a big difference between bosses and employees in India. In England the power distance is 35. Which means that its more acceptable for employees to give there opinion on things.

What also showed in the movie was that people didn’t get judged on there own personality but by the group they belonged to. The boy who managed the hotel was in love whit a girl that worked in a call centre. According to his mother she was of a lower class and therefore not an girl he should marry. Even though the caste system is no longer in play in India it still is a big part of there culture. This explains the low individualism ratio of 48 instead of the 89 England has. Even though India has a relatively low masculinity ratio of 56 in comparison to the English 66 ratio India is a county where showing your success and the fact your better than other people is a part of everyday life. This still derives from the cast system where you where not allowed to marry outside of you class. This meant that people had no option to go up or down in status.

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