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The most effective visual images Essay

It was a dull night in November, I had completed my work. I accumulated all the equipment that I would use to breathe life into the lifeless monster on the ground; I was so nervous that I was nearly in pain. By one in the morning, the rain fell gloomily on the windows. My candle was about to go off, when I saw the yellow eye of the monster open. It breathed in deeply and an unexpected motion vibrated his limbs. Could I describe my feelings when I saw this? How could I create such an ugly man? His body had a nice figure and I tried to make him look good, but he came out extremely butters. Oh my days!

He was uglier than the devil himself. Through his yellow skin, I could see the muscles and veins. Can you imagine, his hair was pure black and his teeth were white like WOH! The nasty difference was his dull eyes that appeared to be almost the same colour as his yellow face, apart from his proper thin black lips. To get to this point I worked for almost two years, you know. I went without rest and I even made myself sick, blad. I wanted this moment more than a man should want anything, now I had finished my work, the buffness that I had imagined it to be had gone and now I am full of disgust.

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Man, this thing that I have created was so butters, I would go blind if I looked at it. I quickly went out of the lab and for ages I was walking up and down my bedroom, trying to cool down, you get me. I did fall asleep, but it was proper edgy, full of bare nightmares. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Vivian Amobi Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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