The Most Challenging Experiences

During my life I’ve had a lot of experiences, but I could definitely say that in my mission I had the best and the most challenging experiences. I’m doing my best to try to remember about a difficult trail other than what happened in my mission, but the experiences that I had there keep coming back to my life. Especially one that I would that I would do my best to try to describe the best way I can, I was about three months out in the mission field; I was serving in an area here in Utah in the city of Clearfield.

l was sewing with Elder McDonald. He was a great missionary I learned a lot from him, taught me the importance of improving my teaching skills and also the importance of being obedient to mission rules, not to impress other, but because I love the Lord and I wanted to serve him with all my heart, might, mind and strength We had a lot of success had the opportunity to see a lot of children of God enter the waters of baptismi I was just the happiest missionary around.

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I remember loving each of the members in the branch I was serving. Clearfield 20m Spanish branchi Members in that branch had a missionary mind, they loved to serve and they would help us with missionary work.

The branch President was a really humble and loving man I was just having a blast I was learning a lot of leadership skills and I though the mission was like this all great experiences.

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The reason why I give details about how happy I was in that area with my companion Elder McDonald is so the audience could understand the trail that I had to experience in the next few months. Although at the time thought I was the worst experience in my life and wanted to quit. It taught me a lot and now I’m grateful for that experience At the very end of the transfer Elder McDonald and I had the opportunity to teach and baptize a humble woman named Maria Villagran. She was a great woman, had the desire of serving the lord, Well that same week we received a phone call from our leaders‘ That’s when my trail begins. The leaders for some reason.

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