The Most Beautiful Girl in Shenzhen Essay

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The Most Beautiful Girl in Shenzhen

About one month ago, a picture was popular in the microblog and was widely spread in the Internet. It tells a story about a girl named Wen Fang. Most of the netizens were moved by what the young girl did in this picture. They spoke highly of her kind-hearted acts; moreover, they called her “the most beautiful girl in Shenzhen”. (Parallelism) However, before long, the truth behind this picture was exposed. Disappointingly, the girl’s so-called virtuous acts were just a publicity stunt to the public.

It reminds me of a phenomenon that nowadays there are more and more hype full of utilitarianism in our society, which deserves a deep thought on it. In this widely-spread picture, the girl, who is getting down on one knee on a busy street near the OCT Bay, holds the fast food box lunch in her left hand and feeds a ragged old man with the chopsticks. It was reported that the girl was an ordinary clerk, who was selling tickets for a nearby exhibition. She earned little money every month; however, she was satisfied with her life. Antithesis) When she was after work, she happened to see a hungry old tramp looking at a fast food restaurant. Therefore, she went to buy the fast food for the old tramp without hesitation and fed him slowly.

Then she tried to get in touch with the old tramp’s family but unluckily she failed. She was so sympathetic to the old tramp that she planned to take him home and sent him to the relevant department later. (Anaphora) It was kind of her to do such a series of acts. However, this piece of news was proved to be untrue. The truth behind the picture was like a bomb exploding in the public. Simile) People were angry to learn that this girl was asked to pose for this photograph.

The purpose for her acts was to hype the exhibition which was referred in the news. A very utilitarian commercial speculation, it was; but a very improper way, it was, too. (Inverted word order & Antithesis) It caught the public’s attention. It cheated people who had praised her. It took an advantage of the whole society’s conscience with a fake picture. (Parallelism) There is more and more deliberate news aiming at creating strong public interest, which is worth food for thought. Here is an example.

Several years ago, a farmer named Zhou Zhenglong asserted to have taken a photograph of the wild south china tiger and was awarded 20 thousand yuan by the local government. However, this picture was confirmed to be fake finally. By comparison with the news of the young girl, we can find something similar. First of all, Zhou made such a fake picture with the purpose of gaining money while the young girl intended to hype the exhibition. Both of them worked for benefits. What’s more, when some of the netizens doubted the truthfulness of the picture, the local government still insisted that it was true.

Similarly, the Zhong Xin Press reporting the news of the girl praised her virtuous acts without investigation. Both of them helped create the fake news deliberately. Last but not least, these two pieces of news were spread quickly through the Internet which eventually cheated people severely and made a bad effect on the whole society. (Analogy) These are the main characteristics of most of the hype. The economic interests, the media’s hype for the news, and the fast dissemination through the Internet.

I think that’s the reason why more and more people would like to hype up something since it is easy to manage to gain the attention and interests. However, we are not supposed to support the publicity stunt which is self- hype essentially. What good is to make use of the public concern and sympathies? Is it a proper way for the news media to hype up the news for some economic interests? (Rhetorical question) I think it is time that they changed their improper way of thinking; and as a citizen, it is time that we stopped follow the media like a sheep and learned to question the truthfulness of the news. (Antithesis & Simile)

Only by doing so can we make the society more harmonious, more just and more progressive. In the near future, we look forward to seeing the real “beautiful girl” help the poor people on a busy street in Shenzhen or in other places; and then we might speak highly of her virtuous behaviours; and most importantly, we would start to follow her way of helping people with our little actions. (Parallelism&Anaphora) I am really looking forward to that day’s coming.

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