The more elaborate means of communication Essay

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The more elaborate means of communication

“The more elaborate means of communication, the less we communicate” – this expression is relevant today. In this expression we can trace back several meanings; for example, one of them can be considered as a process of continuous improvement of everyday life, and you can just highlight the human laziness, or even the desire to express their emotional state, which often comes from shyness or modesty caused by lack of alive communication. Unfortunately, modern society is consumed by the wave of mass information, people have begun to communicate much less and not so openly. However, today, every parent can without any problem call his child and find out where he is, and how he is with the help of such devices. Of course, with the advent of new video, radio and telephone technologies, our life has become much easier, for example, you need not a night walk around the city to the nearest payphone to call a doctor, or a late call to the neighbour`s door, asking for someone to dial a number. Nowadays, many people simply cannot imagine their lives without any means of communication, because 93% of the inhabitants of our planet have mobile telephones, Internet, or even pagers.

The possibilities of modern communication tools are quite large. Today, virtually every household has a personal computer with a working function of the Internet that allows people to communicate quite simply, no matter what distance separates them; not just talk, but do it in “real time”. There are lots of kinds of software tools which allow people to engage in correspondence, to hear each other, and even conduct video-talks, which nowadays are very popular. And modern possibilities of the Internet allow a person without leaving a house to order a food delivery at home by visiting a website Internet – shop, to pay all bills, including utilities, and even earn money. However, all these will neverreplace human “live” interaction because with all the wealth created by mankind, a person creates around himself a kind of peace that allows him to create and develop it.

In conclusion, I would like to say that no matter how developed the modern means of communication are, human communication can never be replaced by them.

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