The Moral and Ethical Implication of Plagiarism

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In my opinion, plagiarism is the exact same as stealing a song off the internet, I have never downloaded anything illegal, nor do I want to. As a musician myself, I respect the rights that all artists have, Plagiarism is just a lazy excuse for one to not do their own work. Especially for a well»known writer such as Ambrose, plagiarism is even worse, as it destroys any reputation you once had Vanilla Ice, a hip-hop rapper of the 90’s, stole the bass line of Queen’s well known song Under Pressure.

Vanilla Ice had added only one note to the entire line and claimed it was his own, Plagiarism is still the same even if you change the words around, The original author must be given credit for his or her work, Luckily this dispute was later settled and both parties are now finer Sampling happens now in a lot of rap workr Sampling is taking someone else’s beat and using it in your song, However, to sample music, a musician must obtain permission from the original artist This is not plagiarism as they have permission and proper royalties are given.

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lam undecided about unintentional plagiarism thoughi Even if you put an idea in your own words, you may still be saying it the exact same way that someone else did The best thing to do in this situation would be to always cite your sources so you have evidence to fall back on. Music is different though.

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Many songs have the exact same drumbeat. However, this is not plagiarizing, as it is a common occurrence The same thing is with guitar chords, Thousands of songs can be created with a I-IV»V chord progression.

There are even videos of people on the internet playing 30 songs in a row with the same chords! Melodies are different though If you take someone‘s entire song, and change 1 note and claim it is your own, That is plagiarizing. Plagiarism is stealingr How would you like someone to take your own independent research and claim it is their own? Unfortunately, many people do steals There is a current debate in the English world if whether or not Shakespeare truly wrote all of his plays There is a large burden of evidence saying that he plagiarized. If this is found true, Shakespeare will never be the same to the English community. Back to unintentional plagiarizing; I can agree to some extent about doing so. [agree that you can forget to cite after writing a long report and I can see how you may become so familiar with the material that you believe that it is your own work. All of this can be fixed with good plagiarism practices One should always keep a log of your sources and always cite whenever you use someone else’s ideas, Learning all these new ways of citing helps me out in my future Whenever I come into college I had always used MLA format and a little bit ofAPAr But now I’m glad thall learned CSE format, as it will help me in my future career in the medical industry.

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