The Mongols Essay

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The Mongols

The Mongols swept across Asia and Europe in a bloody rampage. Killing over 6,107,000 people from the years 1220-1258. Treating women like a piece of meat meant to fulfill the pleasure of men. But how Barbaric were the Mongols on a scale of one to ten? Well the Mongols were very barbaric because they were uncivilized, brutal, yet conquered much territory.

“Come out so that we may count on you according to our custom.” And when the people come out to them they seek out artisans among them and kept these. But the others with the exception of those they wish to have as slaves, they kill with the axe…This statement proves in many ways that the Mongols were uncivilized. Also soldiers would execute prisoners by shooting them with arrows or by burying them alive upside down in the dirt and tying there arms so they cant dig themselves out. Causing a slow excruciating bereavement of suffocation. Even the Mongol Yasa (laws) and Bilik (rules) were barbaric men were allowed to cheat on women having as many wives as they please but women could only have one husband and if a dad was to die then it was okay to marry all of his wife’s except for his own mother. Could you imagine our society if Mongols were in control? (Doc: 5, 10)

“…Severed the heads of the slain from their bodies and heaped them up on piles…” Sounds Brutal doesn’t it? Can you imagine the people who could kill someone cut there heads of then pile them up like some piece of rubbish? Well the Mongols sure were brutal no doubt about it. They were so brutal they killed over 6,107,000 people from the years 1220-1258. In fact, it was commanded that the town of Nishaphur should be laid waste in such a manner that the site could be ploughed upon; and that …. Not even cats and dogs should be left alive. Also thief’s, did not exist in the Mongol life because they were so scared of the consequences of robbery that even the poorest sole wouldn’t dare think about steeling. Could you imagine how scary it must have been to be a Mongol or even one of there rivals? (Doc: 4,7)

Finally, Under Genghis Khan the Mongols were great conquerors. They subjugated over 4,860,000 square miles. The Mongols had revolutionary war tactics such as, before a fight they would surround the enemy. Having there people (men, women, children, and some times dummy’s) on horses to make the other army think they were fighting a huge crowd causing panic among them as the Mongols came closer and closer attacking their enemy. With this tactic and many others Mongols both brought an onslaught and conquered a large amount of Asia and Europe. No wonder why the Mongols ruled the largest empire known to men for nearly 300 years. (Doc: 1, 6, 3)

In conclusion the Mongols on a scale of one to ten were about a seven when it came to how barbaric they really were. Mostly Because of there strategies of war, laws, rules, execution of prisoners, conquest, and finally how brutal all together they were as a group of people. This is true due to the fact the Mongols were crude, atrocious, yet conquered a great deal of terrain.

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