The Missing Melody Essay

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The Missing Melody

I woke up in the middle of the night with a sweat all over my face. “Oh, it is such a horrible nightmare I had.” I said to myself. I lighted the candle in my room; the small frame gave me a warmer atmosphere; so I felt a lot better. I tried to continue my sleeping but I had a strong sense that there is something wrong. And what made me frighten until my heart beat faster was my sense is never lie to the reality. Nevertheless, I felt asleep again with my doubtful mind. Three hours later, the phone rang. It is irregularly for receiving a call, especially in the morning. A widow and owner of a small farmhouse like me did not give away my home number to many people. I was hesitating, but deep down I knew that the call needed to be pick up, so I did. Unexpectedly, the man’s voice introduced himself as a police from investigation department. I needed to prepare myself for their arrival at my estate; they wanted to ask me a few questions about the mysterious murder which happened to my closest neighborhood.

I was shocked and almost got paralysis. I got dress and went down stair to prepare myself for the coming investigation. Instead of sitting down and wait, I walked up and down around my living room. I got even more frighten to know that bad thing did really happen and it involved me. I could not think of the sane reason which made anyone of The Hays got murder, they are such a lovely couple. The husband was the owner and worked in the farm while the wife took care of entire domestic matters. What a brutal person could do this to them, I thought. Then the knocking on my door interrupted my thought. They came to me because I was the only neighbor of the dead man, Mr. Hay. I told them honestly that I stayed inside all night and I did not hear anything weird. I felt so much pity for Sandy; she was a gorgeous singer in town before she became Mrs. Hay. Then they asked me to go to the Hays’ place to get some clothes for Sandy, she was in the police station. I really wanted to do the best thing I can to help a nice and generous lady from her miseries. So they took me inside their house and up stair to their bedroom.

The house seemed so usual and peaceful. A peaceful in a murder place, I might have gone mad. They told me that they had nothing to do in this place and wanted to see the plant grower of this farm for more investigation, because they could not find any evidence or suspect in this place. So they left me alone in order to select the appropriate cloths for poor Sandy. I opened the white wardrobe with a sweet decoration, and grabbed things that I hope to be useful for Sandy. I knew that she would be depressed after confronted this kind of situation, so I continued to look for something that would be meaningful to her to help her feel better somehow. I glance my eyes over, and surprisingly I found what I intended. I knew that in a women’s wardrobe, there was a secret drawer that men never realize.

So I open it with great hope to find some precious gift that Sandy kept. I found a wooden box, with beautiful carve. I was sure Sandy would be glad to see this present from Mr. Hay right now. However, I sense that I did not want the police to see this precious box, because I wanted to surprise Sandy. Then I rushed, gathered all Sandy would need, but the box fell down on the floor. I put my hands on my mouth, so I would not scream so loud to the police’s ears. What I saw on the floor, another unexpectedly, is a spring green beautiful feather of bird. Then I heard the police’s footstep coming, therefore I kept the feather in my pocket rapidly.

I went to the police station with them. Along the way, I only spend my time consider of how would the feather become a precious object for Sandy. The police ask me about Sandy’s motivation to commit murder, and I absolutely answer that Sandy is too fragile to do thing like that. When we arrived, I hurried to meet Sandy. Suddenly, I saw the most lament girl in the world. Sandy was wearing a shabby housewife dress and her very long hair was tangled. She was sitting with her face down and did not even move. The police told me that she hardly said a word since her husband died. They begged me to talk to Sandy in order to find more clues.

Left alone just two of us, I told Sandy that I brought her some clothes she may need. She thanked me. I held her in my arms and brought her the feather. Just seeing this, she cried loudly, and I was a little bit shocked. She thanked me again and again with the tear on her face. “Though, I don’t understand the whole story, I’ll take you out of this place. Remember Sandy, just keep saying that you did not see or hear anything that night.” Sandy held me even tighter; I sense the women’s bond in every drop of my blood. “I will tell you everything after we left this place”, Sandy said to me.

Although Sandy answered all of their questions, but no clues were found. They cannot arrest her in charge of murderer because they found no evidence to do so. After the investigation, I offered to taking care of Sandy at my place, and the police could not deny my assistance. Actually, I knew that Sandy is a murderer, but I insisted to help her because this is the right thing to do. I knew her enough, even more than her husband did. I knew exactly what I was doing, helping the murderer from punishment. I asked her how he died; Sandy answered with emotionless face that “After working in the farm, he was very tired and went to deep sleep.

My long braided hair took his breath just like he did with the rope around my bird’s neck.” She told me that Mr. Hay would beat her if she sings; he hated what she loves the most. Then she got this bird from a plant grower as a birthday present. Since that day, Charice: the bird kept making pretty melodies instead of her wonderful voice. Sandy could not stand to let the mad who destroy her only happiness live. The woman bond between suffering woman is the strongest than trammel. The woman is fragile; seem to have no power but, if she is cornered, she can do anything that no one can imagine. I saved her because I was saved once in the same situation as well.

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