The Mirror Stage and the Matrix Essay

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The Mirror Stage and the Matrix

The mirror stage is a concept of Psychoanalytic theory of Jacques Lacan. Lacan’sprimary focus on spectator identification became the central reference point for the emergence of psycoantalitic theory that can be easily applied to cinema films. The mirror stage occurs during the age of infants whom are between the ages of six and eighteen months of age. When a toddler begins to gaze into a mirror there perception of themselves becomes misrecognized. This happens because the infant can only see a fragmented version of his body and assiotes that as his whole. This leaves leaves him with the asccotion of a of an unrealistic illusory unity. Throught his development he assumes a master of this unrealistic illusory unity. This is self-deception which is the baisis for the formation of the infant’s ego. Lacan believes that that due to the mirror stage concept it undermines the substantiality that the ego holds therefore. Lacan theory increases his supporting perspective by nullify the credibility of an ego.

Metz theory of spectator identification applies Lucan’s stage to the production of cinema. The rolling film that its spectators see on the screen becomes like a mirror that the infant looks into. The view that the spectators receives is really an unrealistic inflated reality. The camerias viewing angle creates a dissolution world. Though the spectator is an actual fact a passive viewer of the action on the screen, idnetifcation with the camerea provides the spectoator with an illusion of unmitigatied power over the screen images. This falisy the spetoars to develop an omnipresent ego. One that balives that everything the see on the screen is really how it is filmed. The illusionary omnipresent ego becomes “secured” as the viewer cannot be seen by others in the theator because they are all sitting in a dark movie theater. Like God, the spectators is able to see all that is on the film but the he is precisely his own ovdance of being seen.

This only is possible though the work of hiding the cameras activities. Also through the use of editing the original film to remove anything that would reveal to the audience that they are watching a cinema. Once the camera itself becomes an obvious presence, the spectator loses the postion of omnipotence along with the camera and becomes part of the cinematic event. This leads the spector the be aware that they are watching a film and not reality.

The concepts within the The Matrix is core concepts that are persistent throught the entire trilogy. Many of the concepts only that are mearly presented in the matrix only become full actualized till toward the end of The Matrix reload. Accrediated to the usage of incoperation of The matrix trilogy into this essay.

The matrix trilogy is a sci-fi action films that involves the interchangeability of three independent worlds throughout the cinemas. At first there was a world similar to ours. The humans that lived on that planet and built machine with sophisticated Artificial intelligence. But then something went terribly wrong. The machines decided to rebel against their owners by waging attacks against the humans killing thoughts and destroying major cities. The machine created their own city called Machine City located somewhere in the Middle East area for them to live and plan further attacks. In humans last attempt to win the war they decide to destroy the ski’s creating everlasting thick dark clouds. They did this because the machines use the sun light as their energy source.

This sent the machines into fighting rampaged and destroyed mostly 90 percent of the human world. The machines proposed to the humans UN general council that they would persevere their life only if they would allow to be reborn into a new virtual world programmed without the fouts of the original world. They called this world the matrix. Many humans opted out of there dim bleack harsh real world with hopes of living out their life in this new world. The ones that accepted, got their bodyies moved to Machine city were bodies got put inside capsules at the field were they are become programmed into the matrix. Not all humans accepted the promises of virtual world. They also did not believe in live in a world were everything around is not real and only an computer genretated illusion of reality.

That group decied to created there own city deep within the center of the earth and called their city zion. The machine built a computer progam called the articetc who built and dsigned the matrix and allows zion to exist for all humans in the matrix who realize their world is not real get removed to. The articet created agent swith who’s purpose is to destroy Zion by killing their one and only savior Neo. The three independent worlds are the human world called Zion deep inside the earth’s core, the robot world located at Machine City and the Matrix, a virtual world.

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