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The Miracle Herb Essay

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The Miracle Herb

For this piece, the writer decided upon the use of an advertisement as the mode of communication. Advertisements, as a literary genre, are extremely vibrant and creative in communicating the writer’s ideas. They have a more direct approach and hence are more appealing to the audience. Due to their (advertisements) interesting and articulate nature, the reader will not have to decode / decipher another monotonous piece of literature. The advertisement, being a public announcement, was written with the intention of being printed in a well-known cultural magazine in Jamaica – Black Power.

The genre of the advertisement is persuasive / argumentative as its purpose is to sway the readers in the direction of the writer’s inclined stance on the issue concerning the legalization of marijuana, while simultaneously exposing the medical and psychological benefits of the drug. The advertisement appeals to those citizens experiencing the said medical problems and those people who suffer a great degree of stress / exhaustion. The writer also aims at targeting those people who might have any misconceived erroneous beliefs of the drug in an attempt to remove this negativity.

The literary techniques used in the advertisement are very apt and effective in evoking its persuasive role. The writer employs the use of a rhetorical question, “Are you tired of … work and responsibilities? ” This device is very effective as it reinforces the writer’s standpoint and directly appeals to the targeted audience. The writer also employs the use of scientific evidence, “Scientists have concluded … be the cure… ” By using this device, the writer aims at assuring the readers and satisfying their individual desires to be safe.

Ellipsis is used to deliberately slow the reading and bring the readers’ focus to the main points. It is also effective in conveying the diversity of possible medical benefits to be gained from the use of marijuana. The advertisement is written in the acrolectal variety of the Jamaican Standard English. The writer’s use of the colloquial expression, “ganja” to refer to marijuana is apt as it is an informal expression that is of a high level of comprehension. It in turn, authenticates the Jamaican dialect of English and will make the communication process more effective.

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