The Ministry of Sound Essay

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The Ministry of Sound

The Ministry of Sound nightclub is in talks about moving to a new underground site that would hugely diminish the risk of noise complaints from nearby residents.

The discussions come just months after the famous Elephant & Castle venue won a four-year battle with a developer over fears occupants of a new block of flats could force it to close down for being too loud.

Now, fresh plans from housing association Peabody for up to 500 flats in the neighbourhood have revived the concerns about noise. One possible solution currently being explored is for the nightclub to move from its home of the past 23 years on the site of a former bus depot on Gaunt Street.

Peabody bosses have suggested the Ministry of Sound could move into a subterranean space at its Borough Triangle development just 100 yards from its current site. It would have the advantage of much more effective sound proofing in an area being rapidly developed.

Peabody chief executive Stephen Howlett told the Standard: “We are currently consulting with the local community on our Borough Triangle scheme, which will serve as a gateway from London Bridge to the Elephant & Castle regeneration area.

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“This development will create hundreds of new homes, a range of employment and commercial spaces — including a new head office for Peabody — and a new public square for local residents.

“Our focus is on making the best use of the site for residents, businesses and the wider community, and one option we are exploring is for Ministry of Sound to relocate their premises to the Peabody site.

“The benefits of this option would be greater sound insulation and an active street management strategy for the club, as well as a new head office for Ministry of Sound. We have received a great deal of valuable feedback so far, and there will be further consultation soon.”

The talks are at an early stage but Ministry of Sound executives are understood to have been impressed by the Peabody approach.

Lohan Presencer, chief executive of Ministry of Sound, told Estates Gazette magazine: “Peabody is a responsible developer with a strong track record of community engagement, so we are happy to discuss the option of relocating Ministry of Sound with them.

“No decisions have been taken and we are examining the feasibility of the proposal. The public consultation is part of that process.”

The nightclub struck a deal with Oakemayne Properties, developers of the Eileen House tower opposite the venue, in December after a long dispute.

Boris Johnson ruled that the 41-storey block of 337 flats could be built as long as hi-tech sound proofing was installed and its residents were barred from complaining about the noise

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