The Military: Organization behavior and causes for insubordination Essay

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The Military: Organization behavior and causes for insubordination

Organizational behavior is the science and the study of the manner in which individuals and groups would function in an organization.  Organizational behavior determines the manner in which people would behave in the organization in relation to the individual itself, the group, and the organization and with the social structure.  The main aim of studying organizational behavior is to ensure better relationships exist in the organizations, between the individuals groups, and the management, and also that the social structure is improved.

It includes several areas such as management, administration, human resource, leadership, change management, team structure, etc.  It also includes several elements, including values, attitudes, culture, vision, goals, and philosophy.  One of the serious issues which need to be taken into consideration with reference to the army is military insubordination.  Very frequently it is seen that certain individuals or groups in the army may be not compliant to the orders of seniors.

It is very important to note the hierarchical system followed in the army.  An individual in the lower rank should follow the orders given by the seniors.  It is the duty of the senior to ensure that actions and the behavior of the subordinates are controlled.  However, in certain forces of the army, a certain degree of organizational culture exists in which the subordinates would not be following the order of the senior staff members and the process resulting to certain amount of conflict in the army.

In the army, there may be two kinds of situations:-

1. The government expresses are preference for certain actions from the staff members

2. The government allocates certain duties and the tasks for the staff members to carry out.

When a situation arises in the army, these two factors act as indicators to determine the levels of compliance with the orders from the authorities.  The level of military subordination can express itself in several ways:-

1. General slowing down of the army operations

2. Soldiers abandoning their assigned positions and duties

3. Giving operational command to the opposition

4. Providing internal information to the opposition

In the army it is found that rational and logical principles guide the behavior of military organizations.  Frequently, when actions are required from the lower rank staff members in the army, before any drastic action is taken, they would be questioning the reason behind their actions.  Usually, it is the organizational culture, which guides such actions.  In developing the organizational culture, the beliefs, values, attitudes and norms play an important role.  This organization also plays an important role in determining the manner in which it would react to the external environment.

Frequently, it is the relationship between the higher rank and the lower rank staff members that is utilized to maintain proper functioning in the army.  If the degree to the compliance is less, then the relationships existent in the army is poor.  Besides, a certain code of organizational ethics needs to be established to ensure that the actions of the staff members are justified.  Insubordination can arise due to poor job satisfaction levels, lower levels of investments with other groups and lack of alternatives to redress.

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