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The Mighty Essay

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Kevin is an intelligent child but is physically disabled because of a certain disease. On the other hand, Max has a learning disability (dyslexia to be specific). Max has a strong physique, which is an advantage over Kevin. Nevertheless, they help complement their imperfections with a sense of empowerment. Kevin functions as the mind while Max functions as the body. When put together, they act as one. Like them, we should also learn how to value our capabilities and contribute to the attainment of the common good.

If we all act together as one, we will be able to change the world for the better. King Arthur once said, “We will be brothers and we will fight for all those who ask for help. ” “A knight proves his worthiness through his deeds. ” In the movie, Kevin and Max proved their worthiness by showing their concern towards people or by being Good Samaritans. This is one characteristic that a good citizen must possess. A citizen must have the initiative to fight for what is right and think not only for himself but for the welfare of others. That is, for me, the true spirit of civic involvement.

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Sometimes, imagination is powerful enough to help you build up the courage to face your fears. Do not let any mental or physical incapacity hinder you from pursuing what you want in life (education, social life, etc. ) In our society nowadays, discrimination is prevalent. In our country particularly, there is an unjust treatment of people in terms of ethnicity, gender, religion and more often than not, in terms of wealth and position in the society. In the case of Kevin, I admire how his mother was able to defend his eagerness to attend to such school despite his disability.

Like Kevin, one should never lose hope in any way. As long as there is a will, there will always be a way. However, we do not have a control on life. No matter how we try to escape reality, some things really have to go to an end. In life, people do come and go. To lose someone you hold dearly must not prevent you from moving forward. Life must still go on and you still have a lot more lessons to learn. Allow yourself to feel more competent by letting them become your abiding inspiration that you can always take with you in your life’s journey.

Besides, there is always that someone up there, someone so great, who will continue to give you hope. With God, you can do everything you think is impossible. If you just keep looking at brighter side of life, soon you’ll find your way to success. Regardless of the weight you’ve been carrying on your shoulders, regardless of what problems you have encountered from the past, as long as you believe in yourself and in the power of Almighty, you will find relief and contentment at the end of the day.

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