The Metropolitan Police Analysis Essay

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The Metropolitan Police Analysis

Strategic analysis

Strategies are put in place to prevent and manage crisis and disaster, build a corporate brand, develop reputation and to manage stakeholder attitudes as well as engaging employees and keeping stakeholders informed. This comes under corporate communications. Corporate communications aim to improve how well-informed people feel and build reputation, through internal and external marketing campaigns and activities designed to improve understanding about the MPS, its services and goals which in your case is to make London safer for all the people you serve.

This has been supported by various theorists in the past, the most related being Van Riel who describes corporate communication as ‘an instrument of management by means of which all consciously used forms of internal and external communication are harmonised as effectively and efficiently as possible’. (van Riel, 1995) Reasons for corporate communication stem from Roper and Fill’s (2012) model, whereby they have divided it into 3 categories, strategic events, development and maintenance. From we have depicted what we feel as the most relevant to your company, these are: * Manage crisis and disaster

* Influence stakeholder groups
* And keep stakeholders informed, improve interactions and to build and sustain relationships We’re now going to use the corporate reputation communication/trust model by taken from the Journal of Product & Brand Management to show how the strategic factors affect the overall corporate reputation of the Metropolitan Police Force.

The different channels of communication >

Start by looking at the Media Activities you undertake here in the force. We began by analysing your media strategy by looking at the mediums you use and how it relates to your current stakeholders, although we have touched upon on the previous slide we are going to look at this in more detail . This would be things such as your Blogs, Social Media as a whole, the Live Web Chats, The Metropolitan Police Weekly and interactive Twitter sessions. Your various Twitter accounts for certain audiences shows your understanding of although you currently portray an understanding of techniques such as hash-tagging and interactive images such as your use of thinglink ( ) we cannot stress the importance of continuing this.

Obviously the type of company that you are, you are prone to media backlash, however by being media savvy you can cushion the blow by creating your own image instead of allowing the media to shape you, as it does with many other companies who just sit back and do nothing. According to Abratt (1989) your personality helps create your corporate identity which in turn builds your overall corporate image. Abratt defines corporate image as being “the perception that different audiences have of an organisation which results from the audiences’ interpretation of the cues presented by an organisation”. This could be improved by your style of form (Grunig & Hunt, 1984). Form meaning your style, timing and tone. It goes without saying that the timing is crucial, and the professional tone is consistent throughout however this could be improved which we will go into more detail about further in the presentation.

These media activities then interlink with stakeholder perceptions. Need to find the balance between interacting with the community, but portraying themselves as professionals in the Industry. An example of this would be the recent backlash from anonymous Metropolitan police officers, having blogs etc on their day to day lives in the police force the main one being the Police Inspector Blog whereby he describes the blog as ‘lifting the lid on the bureaucracy and frustration that many police officers face in the UK’.


1. Need to encourage this but create guidelines to support staff in what to write exactly. 2. Another example of them being reactive to blogs that have already been written instead of proactive to what will happen in the foreseeable future In terms of product policy we can look at things like, how you handle complaints. For example last year you took an average of 51 days to investigate public complaints, for next year you should decrease this target to 30days (

This can be done through monthly audits. We are aware you have a current policy which informs the public your commitment to them which we must say, we really liked. By wording it as you have in terms of ‘your promise to them’ gives that sense of sincerity and emotion which helps give your brand a personality that stakeholders can relate to which is one of the most powerful factors when measuring any brand.

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