The Mental Health Consequences of the Warfare on Military Personnel

Beholding the warfare such as torture and widespread desolation is brutally disconcerting. In the case of military personnel; it can cause mental health consequences either in the short or long run. For instance, being a witness of destructions, death, experiencing continuous death threats and participating in killing or operation in hostile environments can potentially lead to or cause the mental problems to such victims. Explain the extent to which you think this example is a private good or a public good.

Ground your analysis in the concepts presented this week, including the presence or absence of externalities. Public-Private Partnership is the collaborative, voluntary and a working association which exists between one or more Non-Governmental Organization and the Veteran Affairs where the structures, goals, roles, and governance are conjointly gritty to provide the best possible services to the beneficiaries (VA Guidance for Engaging in Public-Private Partnerships with Non-Governmental Organizations n.d.).

Most of the Veterans suffer from the behavioral health problems, relationship problems, and family reintegration difficulty when they return home from their active duties.

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Even though the Veterans have the eligibility to acquire the care and services at the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) health facilities, the family members thus are not eligible thus are forced to pursue such services elsewhere. The situation thus posits a barrier to the veteran and its members of the family to access to quality care services which are coordinated and provided across the providers.

Therefore, it is very vital for the Veteran Hospital Administration (VHA) to coordinate and collaborate with other NGOs and Agencies to improve the welfare and service efficiency to the Veterans.

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There are various benefits which the people who are not involved in the healthcare indirectly enjoy due to the provision of high quality care to the community. For instance, there are certain positive externalities which the employers acquire due to better treatment of patients through a reduction in absenteeism and high productivity hence the growth of the firm. Besides, it is vital to the family members since it lowers the dependency ratio to the caretakers. The government also gets some relief given that it aids in the reduction of the transfer payments such as payment for the welfare services, disabilities, and unemployment. In contrary, the healthcare plans have no consistent manner to capture these indirect benefits. It only puts focus on the incline in the direct treatment costs of the high-quality care which tend to moderate the financial incentives to mend the quality of care. These thus shows that even when there is sufficient information about the healthcare treatment costs as well as benefits, the pure market-based insurance system cannot equate the social costs and benefits which yields a central, efficient scheme.

Discuss why this distinction is important. What are the economic or financial implications if this good is considered private vs. public? Even though there is an emphasis on the financial considerations, the focus for the public, private partnership is the public reduction of costs and the provision of services to the targeted populace who are more expedient, efficient, innovative and are of better quality (Ministry of Municipal Affairs, 1999). Most of these programs in the healthcare sector are mainly initiated by the public entity to aid in the management of the public spending which seems not to be sustainable at the current situation unless new sources of funding are identified( Health Research Institute, 2010).Even though the focus has been on cost reduction, the establishment of better value for the funds is also determined through reviewing of the healthcare outcomes as well as improved performance. In the current situation, the PPP are developed at local levels given the incline in the understanding of the local healthcare by the societies.

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