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The mental health act for people suffering from mental illness Essay

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The mental health act was put in place to help those suffering from mental illness. It was originally written in 1983 but then reformed again in 2007. This act is set out for clear guidance to a health professional when a person may need to be detained into hospital care. It is called sectioning, someone can be taken into “sectioning” if they are suspected of harming themselves or others, they are being abused or in danger of another person. Health professionals have a duty to care for the patient who is mentally ill.

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They must provide the patient with the proper medical care and inform their loved ones of the right information which is why the mental health act was put into place. The act gives rights to relatives, social workers, doctors, and other health professionals to detain the person for their safety.

However, the hospital can only keep an individual detained for a maximum of 6 months but they may discharge the patient and still have ongoing supervision from the care of their own home. This was written in section 117 which is known as aftercare services. The main importance of this legislation is to ensure individuals suffering from serious mental illness receive the proper care and treatment while irrespective of their consent.

In the 19th and 20th century the problems revolving around mental health has become more known and the treatment of mental health became very important to a law was created. It is known under the Bill 68 or also known as the “Bill law” and the reason being is because a man was shot in 1995 by a person suffering from paranoid schizophrenia (Wikipedia).

History of the Mental Health act
The development of the mental health act has made big changes in the course of the 20th century which today means the mental health policy is completely different from a hundred years ago. In the past, people who had a mental illness were confined to isolation and deemed “not normal” (Cameron, D. and Fraser, 2001, p.24). Today, people with mental illness are not outcasts, instead, they are people who have special needs. The mental health law is as old as law itself according to Bartlett (2003)

Impact on Social Service Workers
The role of social workers in the mental health act was established early in Canadian history. The primary focus of social work practice is on the relationship networks between individuals, their natural support resources, the formal structures in their communities, and the societal norms and expectations that shape these relationships. This relationship-centered focus is a distinguishing feature of the profession.\” (CASW National Scope of Practice Statement, p. 2). Specifically, a social workers role in the mental health law is to work with couples, families, or groups and offer counseling services to these individuals who may be suffering from a mental illness whether it be temporary due to a recent event or something they deal with on a daily basis. This can impact a social worker by leaving the social worker feeling less happy because they are working with people that are low them self and the social worker see’s these people in distress every day potentially making themselves feel a little less happy.

In conclusion, I believe this law is constructed very positively to help those in need of extra support with their mental health so that being said, I would not change anything about this legislation. There are many strategies I like that is used to help deal with social issues

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