The media coverage Essay

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The media coverage

Write a team report explaining the nature of the crisis or problem. Discuss the media coverage, cite how the crisis or problem was handled by the person on the organization staff and critique the way the situation was handled by the media and the organization. Segregation between different ethic groups is common around the world. The tendency of mixing around with one’s own race, especially in one’s private space, is observable not only in Singapore but also in many other countries.

Here in this report, we will look into the issue of racial discrimination in Singapore. What causes the individuals here to feel alienated or under-represented? Is there any possibility of us rising above the differences and appreciate them for what they are? Will the differences become transparent? How the government ensures that the minorities here are given equality with the rest? How did the government handle such situations? Have the government put in enough effort to handle these racial tensions? Introduction:

Singapore, a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society where all individual are given free reign to practice the religion of their choice. Four major racial groups will be Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians. Therefore, to prevent any racial discrimination between the four groups, the government has made conscious effort in ensuring that the different ethnic groups in Singapore are equally represented. One big hurdle will be to achieve racial harmony between ethnic groups, encourage individuals to foster respect, understanding and acceptance of cultures within one’s society.

Some minorities has raise the issue of feeling alienated by the society and that the government has not done enough to reduce such issue. Still, through the recent survey, the majority of Singaporeans think of themselves more as citizens of Singapore than the race they are. This applies equally to all the three larger racial groups: Chinese, Malays and Indians. The strong national identity has still remained important within us and majority support Singapore to have a multi-racial society which allows for ethnicity and representation of ethnic identity.

Social Integration cannot be achieved by holding a campaign or relying on the government implementation. It has to come from individual effort. Even though that there is a slight issue within these ethnic groups, we are still united and strong and able to fight against any destruction to protect our own nation. The recent SARs crisis, Fabric of Nation and National Day has definitely showed the strong bond between these four ethnic groups.

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