The Media and Internet Essay

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The Media and Internet

The media provides the public with the news and keeps them informed in day to day situations and happenings. The media has many roles when it comes to delivering news to the public. It has to meet timelines and get the news out to the public as soon as they get the facts. News media has many social responsibilities when delivering new to the general populace. There are some ethical and legal issues to consider and try to avoid when it comes to the internet. The news media is on the internet but so are people who try to break the law because it is harder to get caught than in person. The many roles of the media delivering news to the public include but are not limited to informing, entertaining, educating, explaining, and keeping the public up to date on what happening as the day progresses. In today’s world the internet is the best way to get information to the masses in a very short time. The media still uses same original means also like Television, newspapers and the radio.

The Media has to be sure to deliver the facts and the mainly highlights of information when delivering news on sensitive material such as about celebrities, deaths and emergency situations. The media tells society what is happening around them and what is coming up in future events around them. It is good to know what is going on in your town or area that you live in and to know what people can do about certain situations to help or prevent negative outcomes. Public events or fundraisers are things the parents want to know about so they can help in their community or spend family time in a safe environment. New opening of businesses or children’s clubs rely on the publicity of them opening to help get more customers and to advertise their business in a quick and effective manner. People who are familiar with the area and drive by often may know of it already but the publicity alerts those not familiar with that area or that particular business or club.

The significance of immediate news media delivery on our American culture is to reinforce society’s knowledge of what has or has not changed in today’s culture and help smooth adjustments that are taking place that society may not be willing to adjust to just yet. America has high expectations and demands that they want without waiting and desires they want fulfilled that second. Some examples are the increase of drive through car washes or fast food restaurants and instant communication like that of texting on cell phones. Most people, not all, would prefer to order in rather than preparing their own meal at home because it will be faster and easier. Society does not want to wait for anything, and therefore is greatly affected by the impact of immediate delivery of news. Sometimes immediate news does not always have all the correct facts.

Sometimes they leave key things out because the media is trying to get the news to use at the same time they are getting it themselves and those results in misleading information The social responsibilities of news media are to not alter their information that they gathered or falsify it and always give out the correct information to the people that rely on them and their word. The media has a lot of responsibilities because they are relied on to give the most up to date information either as it is taking place or immediately after it happens, not only to the public but to the whole nation. Media has a great influence on today’s society.

Society listens and believes to just about everything they project into our minds; Therefore changing our minds by what information they give to us. The people want to know what happened, who did it, why they did it and whether or not it will happen again. The media has to be careful what they broadcast or put in a report due to the fact of the sensitivity of certain information about where they go how long they are there for. The media has to be aware in times of a war conflict they can’t say certain information due to the operational security and that even the smallest detail could take lives and fail missions if it were to leak out or be heard by the wrong people.

The internet is enormous in this generation. Some people think they are using freedom of speech when typing and reposting online; but what they don’t think about is the Legal and Ethical standards. Plagiarism is a very common issue, both in ethical and legal standards. While it is ethically wrong to copy another syudent’s work and call it your own it is also illegal. Students can get expelled and others can get sued for plagiarizing material and calling it their own work. A major ethical issue that takes place but isn’t noticed is child pornography.

If it is online, no one will know unless they are monitoring that person. With the social networks on the internet today it is easy for a person to lure a child somewhere and do unethical acts to that child. It is disgusting, illegal, unethical and just all around wrong for a citizen of this great American culture to commit such acts. Some people just hide behind the internet and watch the child pornography to avoid getting caught and arrested and later on, charged for a very serious offense.

In conclusion the media has many important roles in delivering the news to the public, it is very important to deliver the immediate news to the public in a professional manner and there are many social responsibilities of news media. People in today’s society want to be kept up to date on current and upcoming events, along with the feedback from previous events. They do not want to wait to know about what is happening around them, they want it now. With the power of delivering the news comes responsibility and that means being careful not to release sensitive information regarding particular situations and still providing the facts. While online be aware of the legal and ethical situations you can encounter when researching or reading online. Do the right thing when no one is looking, it is called integrity. People face ethic struggles on day to day bases. Breaking the law online where it may be harder to get caught, is still breaking the law.

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