The Meaning of Knowing Truth

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The truth is like a sun. You can shut it out, but it is not going away. That is seen by Tennessee Williams in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, when showing the life lessons about truth, which are, that it always comes out and it fixes our moral decisions.

The truth always comes out and when it does it either helps one or hurts one. As Brick tells Big Daddy, mendacity is the system in which men live. This was shown when the doctor lies about Big Daddy’s death and when Brick was hiding the truth from Big Daddy about his imminent death.

After these secrets were confronted, the bond between Big Daddy and Brick got stronger. But also the idyllic fantasy of the family restored, is yet another of the story’s lies. Without the truth, no one can trust one another. Only lies will come out and the trust and respect will fall apart. With a better sense of the truth about the world, we can better our lives.

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One can improve their moral decisions as well as their choices about their actions in the world. The truth will come out, it might come after a day, a month, a year, or even 30 years. The famous actor and stand-up comedian, Bill Cosby sexually harassed a plentiful of women, and assumed that he has escaped from his mistakes, and instead of accepting his flaws he made up lies about his past life. Now, those women who was sexually harassed came out and told the truth and after all these years, the eighty-one year old, Cosby has gotten his true punishment and has been convicted to go to jail.

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The truth affects one’s life, it allows one to fix their past mistakes. An example is shown in The Scarlet Letter. In many scenes where Hester Prynne lied to herself about her love to Reverend Wilson. She kept hiding her feelings and emotions for her daughter, Pearl. Prynne later realised that Wilson made her life better and that her heart wanted only Wilson. She kept lying to herself about how she truly felt. At the end of the book, she accepts the truth and gets her happily ever after. For society, many hide their emotions and feeling without even acknowledging it. This is one major cause to suicides, where the United States of America is ranked 34, where many commit suicide to escape the truth about their emotions. Another life example, drugs. Many drug addicts refuse to accept reality and instead lie to themselves that doing drugs will make life better, that it would make life easier and less stressful. They also believe that doing drugs will not have any consequences. Macaulay Culkin, the little kid from Home Alone, his fame increases and so did his earnings. His happiness and eagerness to make more money led him to start doing drugs, but that led him to act in less movies. This affected his life by a lot and refused to accept that if he stopped doing drugs he would be able to restart his career, but he kept doing drugs from that sorrow and disappointment.

Thus, telling the truth and acknowledging the truth changes one’s life for the better and without it, life will be dark with no light shining at the end of the tunnel.

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