The Man with the Twisted Lip

This extract from “The Man with the Twisted Lip” gives me a sense of drug abuse, so the inspector may not be as good as everyone thinks. Conan Doyle only hints at drug use, maybe this is to put a little reality into his stories, so Holmes is human and does have his faults, but he tries to keep it very subtle so the readers can maybe ignore it if they like. Holmes also seems to look at Watson in different ways as most of the time he likes to think of himself as the one that knows everything and at other times he seeks ideas from Watson as this quotation shows:

“Watson, and maybe you may see a spark where all is dark to me.

” Dr. Watson seems to be somewhat different to Holmes. I would describe him as being quite a shy and kind person. His kindness is shown at the beginning of “The Man with the Twisted Lip,” when his wife’s friend Kate Whitney goes to Watson and his wife for help to find her husband.

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“We soothed and comforted her by such words that we could find. ” After being approached by this woman Watson goes out of his way to help her as Isa Whitney, Kate’s husband, is a patient of his.

He goes on his search to the opium den (drug den) where he successfully finds him. This is where he also comes into contact with Holmes to his surprise. “sitting by the fire, and grinning at my surprise, was none other than Sherlock Holmes.

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” Conan Doyle is very descriptive when exploring the atmosphere the characters find themselves in. Such as when Holmes and Watson are on their way to Mr St Claire’s house in the horse and cart, as they did not have cars, and Watson describes their surroundings by using phrases like, “golden tunnels of yellow light” and “the murky river flowing sluggishly beneath us.

” He also explains the speed of their journey, “as a tall dog-cart dashed up through the gloom. ” This gives the reader a chance to reflect on the setting they are in and maybe gives them a break from all the mystery and anxiousness of solving the crime. It is on this journey that Holmes gives Watson an insight into what the case is about. At first Holmes is “lost in thought” while keeping Watson in suspense once again, “whilst I sat beside him, curious to learn what this new quest might be.

” He then finally explains that the case is about Neville St Clair, a wealthy man who is a “good husband” and “affectionate father,” whose wife, while on her way to collect a parcel, has witnessed him getting forced back from a window. His wife tried to get to him and came into contact with a man who “thrust” her back to stop her from getting through and as there were two police officers on the way to their beat, they assisted her.

They then went into the building to see if they could recover Mr St Clair, but all that was there was an empty room and a “hideous” looking man, named Hugh Boone. Holmes and Watson were journeying to Mr St Clair’s home to see his wife. When they arrived she seemed anxious to know their news, as you may see when she says “No good news? ” Holmes shows guilt and sympathy for Mrs St Clair as they have no news for her, as this statement shows: “I hate to meet her, Watson, when I have no news of her husband”

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