The Man Who Loved Flowers

Assignment 1: Essay on Stephen King: The Man Who Loved Flowers, 1977 Write an essay in which you analyse and interpret The Man Who Loved Flowers by Stephen King. A part of your essay must focus on symbolism and the mood of the story (which we have been working a great deal with during class). Please feel free to use as much of the material from class and the notes you took during our work with the text. The assignment is to be written in pairs, but both students have to upload the documents on Lectio (with both names written on the top of the document).

The assignment will be produced in three steps:

Handing in the body: Requirements: The length of the body must be between 550 and 650 words; word size 12; line spacing must be 1.

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5. Elevtid:hours. Handing in the introduction and conclusion: The length of the introduction/conclusion must be between 100 and 150 words; word size 12; line spacing must be 1.5. Elevtid: 2 hours. Handing in the complete assignment: The length of the essay must be between 700 and 800 words; word size 12; line spacing must be 1.5. Elevtid: 2 hours. How to write an essay:

Please remember to give your essay the following implicit (ikke-markerede) structure, DO NOT give your essay sub headings:

  1. Introduction (one paragraph)
  2. Body (three to five paragraphs)
  3. Conclusion (one paragraph)


The introduction should be designed to attract the reader’s attention and give an idea of the focus of the essay: Begin with an attention grabber in your opening sentence, ex.: something general that almost everybody can relate to, or a question, or a quotation.

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Then, give some suggestions of the direction of your essay, that is state your interpretation of the text in approximately one line. (Please avoid sentences like “My interpretation is…”/”My thesis statement is…”. Instead, make it fit smoothly within the context of surrounding sentences.)


The body presents the evidence from the text material including quotations, examples and your supporting points – in two words: your analysis. Put it in a way which proves or supports your interpretation of the text. Key aspects could include: Characterisation of characters

Relationship between characters

Similarities and differences between characters or sections of the story The mood
The title

Each paragraph in the body could have the following structure (my suggestion): An abstract point/interpretational sentence, like ‘The boy is brought up to ignore his feelings when witnessing human suffering.’ (your interpretation of an item) A quote or an example from the text, like ‘We see this when the father tells his son that the woman’s screams are not important’ /’For instance, this is quite obvious when the father says to him: “The screams are not important”.’ (where you see this in the text) An explanation of the example/quote (why this is important for/connected to the overall interpretation of the entire text)


Try to draw all the strands/points together. The conclusion should consist of a number of convincing sentences which sum up your main ideas and/or the results of your analysis

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