The Major Problem of Drinking and Driving in the United States and Ireland

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Drinking and driving is not only a major problem in the U.S. but also around the world. Thousands of people are seriously injured or killed in each country every year. Of course, each country has different reform plans to solve this problem. Ireland is known for their drinks and their pub culture so it’s not a surprise to hear that they too have a drinking and driving problem. On average, 347 arrests are made each week for DUI offenses. On top of the major drug problems, the U.

S. has an enormous distracted driving problem. This includes drinking and driving. Nearly every school system has incorporated an “Every 15 Minutes” program to depict the horrors of drinking and driving as someone is killed in an alcohol related car accident every 15 minutes. Both the U.S. and Ireland have drunk driving problems that they are trying to solve for obvious reasons. However, each problem stems from different circumstances.

In Ireland, there isn’t a legal minimum age to drink so adolescents grow up knowing how to handle alcohol and their responsibility.

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The BAC standard is .05, significantly lower than the U.S.’. 08 so it’s easier to be over. Also, two pints of Guiness puts a 180 lbs man at a BAC of .038 so an Irish man is able to increase the number of drinks before being legally intoxicated. In the U.S., the legal drinking age is 21 so underage drinking is prevalent and gives adolescents a sense of rebellion and adrenaline and therefore the incentive to break the law.

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Binge drinking is also common at bars and clubs either as a way to deal with emotional problems or as a form of competition among young adults. Drinking in each country has a different meaning so different methods must be in place to solve the problem. Clearly, the U.S and Ireland have similar problems with drunk driving but they stem from different reasoning due to their different cultures.

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