The Main Thing in the Curriculum Is Progress

When you look at school subjects the main thing any teacher or academic head would want to see is progression. According to “progression is the act of progressing; forward or onward movement”. In life terms progression is where a student can first crawl, then walk and then run. Academical progression is needed as to improve the students skills and knowledge. The subject progression of content knowledge between grades 4 – 6 is clear and logical.

Life skills get divided into 3 different subjects nl.

Personal Social Well-being(PSW), Physical Education(PE) and Creative Arts(CA). The main topic in PSW according to School Curriculum & Department of Basic Education, 2011. “is the self development, health and environmental responsibility and lastly social responsibility”. In the self development topic I have noticed that the progression on the skills of reading are clear. Firstly the module/curriculum focus on the enjoyment of reading in Grade 4, the it progress to reading with understanding using a dictionary in Grade 5 and finally to be able to read fluently with understanding in Grade 6.

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Next is the health an environmental responsibility topic. Here there are step by step progression to knowledge about HIV/AIDS. It starts with basic knowledge and facts about HIV/AIDS in Grade 4, it builds up to dealing with the sigma and also understanding myths and realities about HIV/AIDS in Grade 5, finally there is progression towards abuse and HIV/AIDS in Grade 6. Last topic for PSW is social responsibilities. Here progression starts with childrens rights and responsibilities in life, in Grade 5 it progress to child abuse and finally in Grade 6 gender stereotyping, sexism and abuse.

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In PE the first focus is safety, safety and safety. You can never be to safe and therefore should always have a reaction plan. The progression in PE is very clear and logical. In Grade 4 the subject focus on balance and rhythm with the focus on body posture (with the wrong body posture ,you get injuries), in Grade 5 progression continues ,here the focus is on movement sequences with smooth and continuous movement as well as rhythmic movements and steps with posture and style, finally in Grade 6 students should be capable of gymnastic movements as well as rhythmic patterns of movement with control and co-ordination.

Creative arts are divided into 2 parts nl. performing and visual arts. Performing Arts has a clear and logical progression in in the curriculum. Firstly vocal warm ups built up from grade 4 to grade 6 in difficulty. Movement sequences progress from basic understanding of locomotor and non-locomotor movements to achieve the ability to exploring elements of time and force. Finally in grade 6 students should be able to developing relationships between elements of time, space, weight, energy and force. Rhythm patterns start on just basic understanding of different rhythm meter and music notes then progresses to apply it in drumming techniques.According to School Curriculum & Department of Basic Education, 2011. “a range of music using percussive and melodic instruments (African and Western): Individual and group performances and processes then finally to reflect different genres and styles”.

Lastly we have Visual Art . The main topic is visual literacy,creating 2D and creating 3 D. Visual literacy start progression to apply learning to own work and that progress to personally interpretation on your own work. Creating a 2D sketch shows the progression is creative lettering and/or pattern- making projects: using shape, line, colour, texture,drawing, cutting and sticking,shapes in series.The final achievement is to achieve lettering and/or pattern making: which include radiating patterns and awareness of composition. Recyclable materials is a resource that is introduce to the students firstly to know what it is and the progress to be more aware and use specific recyclable materials for specific situations.

4.Is the pacing (speed at which the curriculum indicates learners should cover the work) clearly stipulated? And is the pacing realistic according to the learners you have observed/taught.

Pacing in subjects plays a big role in the classroom that involves the teacher and the students. According to Louis, Febey, & Schroeder, 2005. “ that pacing guides intensify pressure on teachers to cover all the material specified and that teachers attempt to meet this demand in several ways”. One is to devote more time to subjects that are tested (Louis, Febey, & Schroeder, 2005), giving less attention to science, music, art, and social studies.

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