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The Main strengths and weaknesses of this play Essay

In the first scene at the beginning of the play the Birling family “Arthur, Sybil, Shelia and Eric along with Gerald Croft” were sitting around the dinner table celebrating Sheila and Gerald’s engagement. So the atmosphere would have been exciting and relaxed, “it’s one of the happiest nights of my life”. I thought that it was a very good way of introducing the characteristics of the characters, for example Eric was very quiet, Mrs Birling was very bossy. “Be careful with it”.

I expected that someone in the family would commit a serious crime and the inspector would come and investigate the crime, I thought this because of the title and the fact that everything seemed to smooth. In the play “an inspector calls” at the beginning where Mr Birling is giving his speech, J. B Priestly uses Dramatic Irony, this shows how confident Mr Birling is, Mr Birling says “… to war I say fiddlesticks” this shows the dramatic irony makes Mr Birling look silly because the audience knows that everything that Mr Birling said was completely wrong.

This was the prefect time for the inspector to enter to show that Mr Birling was totally wrong. I liked the chain of events used in killing Eva Smith. Mr Birling was just thinking about his business when he sacked Eva smith from his company “She wanted 25 shillings a week instead of 22 and six pence you made her pay a heavy price for that and now she’ll make you pay a heavier price still”.

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Shelia also helped in her suicide, she got Eva smith sacked form her last job because she was having a bad day and Max McKenzie-cook 25 November 2000 An Inspector calls by J. B Priestly Caught Eva smith smiles because the dress didn’t suit Sheila and she complained and got her fired. Gerald had an affair with Eva Smith ” but it was all over and done with last summer” Eric got her pregnant and abandoned her along with the baby. I thought it was interesting because the weren’t directly responsible for her death but they played their part.

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