The Main Resource of Human Trafficking Is the Homeless

As stated, most of the article that we found were missing certain key information. We were however able to find journal articles that provide information that support our hypothesis. For example, we found a journal titled, Human Sex Trafficking in America: What Counselors Need to Know,. This journal provides information on the process of sex trafficking and risk factors. It stated that most adolescents are approached within the first 48 hours of living on the streets (Jordan, Patel, & Rapp, 2013). It is hypothesized that when individuals are in a vulnerable position, that they are at a higher risk of being approach by sex traffickers.

The article provides detailed information about what exactly happens when an adolescent is in the process of being trafficked and what happens after the fact. Although this article provides beneficial information that supports our hypothesis, it does not give us much on the methodology and independent or dependent variables because it was more of an informal journal.

One of the journal articles that we found titled Social Conditions of Becoming Homeless: Qualitative Analysis of Life Stories of Homeless People, was interesting.

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This journal focused on more than just why individuals who are homeless become homeless, but focuses on their social conditions in order to determine explanations for their homelessness. For example, the methodology provided us with twenty-six semi-structured interviews of individuals who were homeless and the results of the interviews. The sampling strategy included interviewing twenty-two males and four females from aged eighteen to seventy-four. Included, was a chart that displays the demographic information of the participants.

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The results showed that the process of a an individual becoming homeless is particularly due to challenges created in ones life and social environment. This article was adquent in providing actual sampling data of a range of young individuals who have dealt with homelessness.

Next, is an article titled, A Vicious Cycle: Domestic Abuse, Homelessness, Trafficking, the main focus of this reading was the correlation between domestic abuse, homelessness and trafficking. However, in this case, to support our hypothesis, we are focusing on the correlation between homelessness and trafficking. Unfortunately, just as the review stated previously, it is missing information. However, in regard to our hypothesis, the information provided does support it. For example, the article emphasizes ending homeless a key factor to ending human trafficking.

One of the better articles that we found is one titled A Supportive Adult May be the Difference in Homeless Youth not being Trafficked. This article implemented both homeless youth and trafficking and the correlation between the two. Also, they emphasized how affective an adult could be in youth who are homeless. The methodology includes the researchers doing a trafficking assessment on individuals between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two during the time period of November 2015 to February 2017; and a total of 344 participants. In this study, the independent variable is the supportive adult and the dependent variable is the homeless youth being trafficked. Once the analysis was done, the results showed that out of the 344 participants, 9.6% had experienced being trafficked. Factors that were not analysed were the gender of these individuals. The importance of the independent variable in this study was the fact that for the individuals who had a supportive adult in their life, they were less likely to become homeless and possibly forced into the trafficking world.

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