The main problem of the study Essay

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The main problem of the study

This chapter presents the main problem of the study and some information surrounding the problem. It also includes the significance and scope and limitation of the study.

Background of the Study

Tobacco is one of the boosting industries in the world because of smokers. In the Philippines, cigarette is a major product which contributes much for the country’s economy. Smoker population worldwide has already reached 1.1 billion. Today, smokers are not just those who are aged 18 and above but also the high school students who start smoking at age 12. Almost all new smokers are children −3,000 teenagers start smoking every day. More than three million children under age 18 use tobacco products. Peer pressure, satisfaction, and curiosity are some factors that encourage a child to try smoking. It is hard to eliminate the use of cigarette in the world. Tobacco cigarette is being used since 1600s by Europeans.

A cigarette is a small cylinder of finely cut tobacco leaves rolled in thin paper for smoking. It produces smoke that causes irritation to the nose of secondhand smokers. Nowadays, a new technology called Electric Cigarette also known as E-cigarette has been developed. It is an inhaler that vaporizes a liquid solution. It can be a replacement for tobacco cigarette for prevention of sickness. E-cigarette is also preferred by some teenagers because of its smell and different flavors. Most users of E-cigarette are those who have enough money because it is too expensive than the tobacco cigarette. However, long-time smokers still prefer the original tobacco cigarette. Even though cigarette is not highly recommended, it is still the number one drug in the Philippines.

Statement of the Problem

This research study will determine the facts about smoking focusing on the differences of tobacco cigarette to electric cigarette and its effects to one’s body. Specifically, this study aims to answer the following questions:

1. What is tobacco cigarette? electric cigarette?

2. What are the differences between the two in terms of:
a. chemical contents
b. effects to the body
c. effects to secondhand smokers?
d. effects to the environment?

3. How can the users or non users avoid smoking?

4. What are the possibilities that e-cigarette will be a total replacement for tobacco cigarette?

Significance of the Study

There has been a growing population of smokers from time to time. This study was created with the main objective of giving the researchers the difference between electric cigarette and tobacco cigarette.

The results of the study would be a great help to smokers by having enough information on possible results of too much exposure to smoke and its effects to non-smokers. For public health workers, result of the study would be useful because they can be a mode of disseminating pieces of information about smoking. In overall prospective, this study will contribute a greater understanding in relation to smoking.

Scope and Delimitations

This study is focused on determining the facts about smoking: e-cigarette and tobacco cigarette and its effect to one’s body. It is about the differences and some specific disadvantages. The researchers do not want to encourage nor to discourage the use of both products but would simply try to state the facts and let the readers decide for themselves.

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