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The main point

In this paper, a book review will be given on the book written by Andrew Gelman entitled Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State: Why Americans Vote the What They Do which basically talks about the nature and state of American elections. The main argument of the author is that political myths relating to color divide which signifies culture war are not true. In other words, Gelman debunked and disproved the main idea that political myths exist regarding American elections. In that sense, the author presented six myths in the book which are all debunked by series of arguments.

The main point is that according to the political myths, red state is the rich state, and the blue state is the poor state which represents the color divide. On the first myth, wealthy state vote based on God, guns, and gays and poor state vote on the basis of economic standing while the fact is that the number of people who attended church is the basis of Republican voting (Gelman, 2009, p. 1). Second, there is a division between the rich and the poor in America and the fact is that in every state, the number of rich people who vote Republican is higher. Third, Democrats are voted by rich people.

Fourth, Kansas votes during elections do not necessarily mean that the people always vote Republican. Fifth, voting patterns of rich people in America are different compared to those rich people in European countries (Gelman, 2009, p. 1). And lastly, religion does not necessarily affects of voting patterns of the people around the world. Essentially, I like this book so much because the Gelman was able to disprove the political myths that beset American politics for so long. The book is specifically focused on the voting patterns of rich and poor American during elections.

Personally, the strengths of the book rest on the way Gelman laid down the different political myths on American election. The best past of the book is when the author answered the question on whether or not there is color divide in America in relation to American voting patterns. Aside from that, Gelman was able to prove that religious beliefs and organizations do not necessarily affect American voting patterns. Sensibly, I understand that people must view politics in different perspectives in order to point out the real divide between the people in America and even in the whole world.

Basically, Gelman was able to explain the differences in voting Democrats and Republicans in relation to rich and poor individuals. The voting patterns of high-income individuals as well as the low-income individuals in American are also dealt with properly and extensively. There are also weak points in the book written by Gelman. First, it is not actually a political myth when he wrote that religion no longer affect patterns of American voting. Based on reports and observation, there are still religious organizations that affects the way people vote.

The influence of religion is still strong on the best political candidate to vote with. Aside from that, it is not a political myth that there is no color divide in relation to voting patterns in American. By way of culture war, the people posit different views regarding the choice among Republican and Democrats because of the gap between the high-income individuals and the low-income group of voters. Aside from that, it is not also certain if the patterns of voting in European countries have something to do with the voting patterns of American people.

The explanation in this area is not that substantiated. In addition, the explanation about Kansas voting patterns is very relevant to the topic of the book, but it was not also substantiated well. In my case as an author, I will focus the sequel of the book on economic development in relation to voting patterns. I will specifically discuss how the rich increase their wealth in relation to politics. For instance, I will deal with the benefits and advantages of the rich people in voting Democrats or Republicans.

On the other hand, I will also point out the hopes of the poor people in voting a candidate. For example, I will gather opinions on the reasons that poor people vote a Democrat more than a Republican. This subject will substantiate the items that were already taken up by the author. I will also compare the voting patterns of the Muslim countries and as well as the Americans. The way people vote in Christian countries outside the country will also be tackled. In that way, I can substantiate the fact that religion no longer affects patterns of voting in any state.

Since Gelman already explained more on the way poor and poor people vote, I will deal more on the election propaganda that influences poor voters more than the rich ones. Besides, I will also explain the effect of the fact that there are more poor voters compared to the number of rich voters which gives an advantage to Democrats. Finally, I will also compare the voting patterns of the old and young voters in order to predict results of future elections. Works Cited Gelman, Andrew. “Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State”. 2009. Red Blue Rich Poor Website. Retrieved July 16, 2009 < http://www. redbluerichpoor. com/ >.

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