The Main Characters of Pride and Prejudice Essay

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The Main Characters of Pride and Prejudice

Most people have seen the movie played by Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen or read the book, pride and prejudice, wrote by Jane Austen. We may be moved by Darcy and Elizabeth’s love. Though there are full of hardships, they have a happy ending. Then I will introduce the difficult but beautiful love between them and give a analysis to this couple one aspect by one aspect. Firstly, the family backgrounds of Darcy and Elizabeth is the basic things that we should know. Darcy is a noble descent and he inherits an enormous amount o f property.

It is said that “his annual income is assessed at ten thousand pounds. ”? So he never worries about his own food, clothing, shelter and transportation. He dislikes making friends with common people; he is a self-willed man and he likes to dominate his close friends. But he is a fine, tall person with handsome features. However, compared with Darcy, Elizabeth’s family is really poor, though they live a better life than the ordinary people. There are five daughters in this family.

Unlike other sisters, Elizabeth likes reading, and she is “the apple of her father’s eye”.? And it is the same reason that she looks things in a different way and makes her so unique. Secondly, it is the turn for me to introduce the characteristics of Darcy and Elizabeth. Different from Bingley, Darcy is not talkative in front of the strangers. He only asks the familiar women to have a dance, because he can not speak sugared words to the strange women. People who do not know about him will consider him as a pride man.

Actually, pride is not his characteristic. It is the education he has received that he is superior to the people. That is the reason why he has a proud and hypercritical character. There is no doubt that the proud and hypercritical character depends on a lot of property, noble social status and strong power. Events force Darcy to modify identification of social desirability and social status.? For the reason that he is fastidious,he has only a good friend, Bingley. It is not difficult to understand he must be particular about his wife. The woman who can make him fall in love must be not only beautiful, but also special, well-educated and knowledgeable. ”? Elizabeth lives in a society of stationary characters in its conditions and outlook.

Generations are born, and die and are succeeded by their descents, living in the same places and doing the same things. There is so little change of ideas: democracy has not yet raised her horrid head money is a potential problem; courtship has its own drama. People around her are almost all foolish, passive and reposeful, though there are a few exceptions. Her father, Mr. Bennet is a country gentleman in whom irony is the most salient quality and who by wit, quick common sense and appreciation of character makes some amends for the selfish indifference, which is the ground of his character. ” With no doubt, Elizabeth is her father’s daughter in taste and intellect, As well as in possessing a strong critical judgment, though there is indeed some likeness in her character with her mother’s warm feeling, hasty judgments are common to both; Mrs.

Bennet’s feelings, impulsiveness, judgments and speeches are generally wrong, and Elizabeth’s are generally right; but there is as much likeness between mother and daughter as may exist between a lively and sensible woman and a lively fool. In a word, in her character, to a large extent, there is a mixture of her father and mother. “Capability for judgment is one of the charming, strong points of Elizabeth. ”? She has more quickness of observation and is capable of both complex impressions and complex ideas.

Her sensibility and intelligence rarely fail her in her reading of human minds, observing life and drawing out her correct first impression. Her first impression about Darcy’s house is accurate and authenticated and of figures like Mrs. Collins, Lady Catherine is right. However, her first impression is wrong. It is partly owing to Darcy’s own deportment, his proud manner and insulting proposals, partly to her too quick response and partly to her guilt of credulity—she puts too much confidence in Wickham’s entirely false, slanderous remarks.

Human life is a complicated thing, this is one of the reasons we can find. Thirdly, I will show Darcy’s pride and Elizabeth’s prejudice clearly. Let Darcy be the first one to be introduced. One reflection of Darcy’s proud behavior is at the very beginning at the ball in Merton. In just a couple of hours people begin to dislike him. Mr. Darcy soon draws the attention of the room by his fine, tall person with handsome features. The gentlemen pronounced him to be a fine figure of a man till his manners gives disgust for he was discovered to be proud.

The other reflection of Darcy’s pride is his first proposal scene. After months of struggle and consideration, Darcy chooses to open his heart to Elizabeth and tells her all his love. However, “Darcy neglects the proper words on a proposal occasion though his feeling is more of tenderness rather than pride. ”? His honest confession of all his thoughts doesn’t win him the pleasure of marriage; instead, it arouses the argument involving Jane’s happiness and Darcy’s responsibility in Wickham’s case. When he treats his door keeper’s son, Wickham, he is also so arrogant.

He says nothing or says “hello” in front of the girls at the sight of Wickham who has not seen for a long time. It is the result that he is above meeting Wickham. However, the girls may regard him insolent and rude. At the same time, when Elizabeth refers to Wickham at party, Darcy does not make any explanation. He does not speak it out the facts that Wickham is not kind because he believes that people will find it out on themselves. Of course,he will not communicate with Kerens who like to flatter. “He goes away with no word when he meets Kerens. ? Now it is the time for Elizabeth. The first time that they meet is at the party. When Bingley introduces him to Elizabeth, he only says that she is not so beautiful to attract my attention and he will not dance with other women.. he must know that Elizabeth can hear it when he is saying that. Darcy is proud enough to speak it out without care and it is easy to find out he is quite a pride man. In fact, Darcy is attracted by Elizabeth’s beautiful eyes at the first sight of her. When he answers Bingley, he has fallen in love with Elizabeth.

However, he can reject Bingley’s advice in an impolite way, which is talked to her friends as a joke by Elizabeth. Then Mrs. Bennett lets her oldest daughter riding a horse to Bingley’s home in order to attract Bingley’s attention. The oldest daughter gets a cold, so she must stay at Bingley’s house for a few days. When Elizabeth visits her sister on foot, she comes across with Darcy. During those days, Darcy has realized that he loves Elizabeth. But he does things still arrogantly instead of baring his heart to her.

When he extremely wants to ask Elizabeth to have a dance, he says that“ he will give her an opportunity to have a dance with him. ”? It is too rude for a woman to accept it. It is just like charity and no woman wants to dance with him after hearing that. Finally, the development of relationships between Darcy and Elizabeth will be told in details. At first, there are something unhappy between Darcy and Elizabeth. When Elizabeth visits the Kerens, Elizabeth meets Darcy’s cousin ,Colonel Fitzwilliam,she knows hat from him it is Darcy who has prevented Bingley from marrying Jane and privately hinks Jane does not lose heart to Bingley who, he thinks, could get little benefit and happiness from the bonnet. So Darcy covers up that Jane has gone to London to have a visit to Miss Bingley. But Darcy does not know that Jane is a girl who is not good at expressing her feelings. He could not imagine that his self-opinionated action has made great hurt to Bingley and Jane. It has a vivid and incisive description of his pride in this novel when Darcy decides to propose marriage to Elizabeth; it is also the climax of the novel to describe Darcy’s character.

After thinking clearly, Darcy makes an offer of marriage to Elizabeth in a special way. He says that“ Elizabeth is born in a poor family and it is her honor to marry him. ”? He thinks that Elizabeth should accept it and repay him for his precious love. He guesses that Elizabeth would love him and accept happily just as Bingley should not marry Jane. But they are all his private thoughts. She repulses his offer of marriage, which really gives a hit to Darcy’s pride. However, it is a good opportunity for Darcy to introspect what is wrong and also foreshadows their happy ending.

Then Mr. Darcy helps Mr. Bingley and Jane eliminates their misunderstanding; He also solves Lydia’s scandal and rescues her and the entire Bennet family from disgrace. Finally, they have a happy ending. It is the turning point of their relationships. I have introduced Darcy and Elizabeth’s beautiful love story and also witness a couple from strangers to from a family. Their love tells us that marriage is not only based on the property and social status, but also built on the adoring each other and respecting each other.

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