The Magicians Nephew Summary Essay

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The Magicians Nephew Summary

The Inca Empire extended from Quito in Ecuador through Peru to the south of Chile. Like the May and Aztecs they were polytheistic. They had both priests and priestesses. Daily sacrifice was an important part of life and every evening a llama was sacrificed. Priests made sacrifices, looked after the objects in the temples, heard confessions, set penance, specialized in medicine and performed operations


Viracocha- Creator of all gods

Inti- Sun god

Mama- Kilya- moon mother

Mama- ilapa- god of thunder/rain

They worshiped in temples, the largest of which was Coriancha- the temple of the sun. Incas did not believe use mortar and stones were cut to fit together perfectly. Each temple had gold idols and the bodies of dead emperors.


Supreme Inca- ruler of the empire and descendant of the sun. They worshipped him as a god. Nobles (members of the royal family) – they were governors of the provinces.

Curacas (officials) –assisted the governors.
Foremen- responsible of ten taxpayers

The Mitia or tax was due from each person and this organization was necessary as the supreme Inca needed to know how much service was due. Tax was done in the form of national service including working in mines, working on roads, and building temples. Some paid their Mitia in the form of joining the army or agricultural service. Dancing for the Supreme Inca, carrying messages or being a litter bearer were also apart of paying taxes. *

* One of the most important of the entire official was the quipucamayoc or keeper of Quipu. The Quipu was a system of know and colored cords of different lengths and thickness and was used for recording information, they did this because they had no other way of writing in that time. *

* Daily Life
* Houses were simple and consisted of a room-thatched roof. They had little furniture as everyone slept on the floor. The palace of Supreme Inca was decorated with gold and silver ornaments. In all homes a fire was kept burning as they lived high in the Andes. Twice a day they had meals and corn was their main staple. They ground the corn and made it into porridge. They also ate potatoes and meat called charqui, which was taken from guinea pigs. All social classes dresses alike except for the emperor and nobles who made there from a finer cloth the higher classes wore a lot of jewelry especially large golden earplugs. The special mark of the emperor was a four-inch wide fringe made from small gold tables and red tassles. *

* Women
* All the Inca were expected to marry and girls were engaged during their teenage years. Uncles gave their girls’ names such as: Pure, Star Gold. Then the girls would join the boys in a public square where they would pair off. They had some say in who their partner was going to be. They were then married of in a ceremony. *

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